Kids art. Drawing lessons for beginners - A PEACOCK

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Kids art is the topic that interests you, doesn`t it? So I want to present you some drawing lessons for beginners. I`m sure you`ll get interested in them as they are quite easy to perform. I`ll show you how to draw a peacock.

1. First draw an oval — it`ll be a trunk of the peacock, then a small head and a neck. Draw a long line of the tail and mark a bearing on which a peacock will sit.

2. Now draw a line of the wing, make a neck and a tail wider.

3. Draw a carolla on the head, stripes on the wings and «eyes» on the tail.

4. Start coloring — but first choose the colors.

5. Now you can make the drawing brighter — and the picture turns out wonderful.

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Drawing lesson for beginners — a crane. Ok?

Drawing lesson for beginners - a crane
My daughter learnt drawing in pencil and this picture of a penguin is her best.

Learn drawing in pencil - a Penguin
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What do you think about this step by step lesson of drawing a peacock? it's simple for kids learning drawing. Step by step drawing a peacock
Here's one more step by step scheme of drawing a peacock. Draw a peacock
What about drawing this peacock?

drawing a  peacock
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Paradise Bird

This bright bird is a distant relative of a common sparrow. Paradise birds live in Australia and on the islands of New Guinea. Long ago people used the extraordinary beauty of its feathers as decorative things. For us it's a good drawing example.

I like this lesson of step by step drawing a peacock. Hope you'll like it too:

draw a peacock

Here are the steps of drawing:

draw a peacock

draw a peacock

draw a peacock

draw a peacock

draw a peacock
Will you look at this peacock drawing scheme. Draw and color it as you wish.

drawing a peacock
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