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    Happy New 2018 Year, Symbol and Holiday Ideas

    Happy New 2018 Year, Symbol and holiday ideas. 2018 is the year of Yellow Earth Dog. A dog is quite a clever animal with a sense of justice ans honest game. The dog's character is calm, balances and gentle. It is characterised as a generous, honest and simple symbol.
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    Drawing Ideas for Beginners Step by Step - Animals

    Drawing is the exciting activity that children from early age are occupied with great pleasure. When your little kid takes a pencil and wants to start drawing, and you are confused what to begin with, use our drawing ideas for beginners which shows step by step drawing method that'll help you, dear parents, teach your kids to draw making the process easier and the result better.
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    Melissa and Doug - Dress the Doll. Educational and Learning Sets for Toddlers

    The company Melissa & Doug is one of the most popular American producers of the developing toys, the biggest part of which is made from wood, the range of toys is great. Melissa and Doug — Dress the doll, the set for girls — the dolls and their clothes are made of wood, they have magnets, i.e. the clothes are easily changed.
  • Children Crafts. Handmade Candles - Easter Table Decoration

    At Easter fire is a symbol of light and traditionally it decorates the festive table. You certainly understand that I mean not a fire but candles. The tradition goes back to the times when a candle was put at the altar during the night service at Easter. The holy flame of this candle was a symbol of Resurrection.