Children Creativity. String Art. Tutorial on Making a Card

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If you start taking interest in children creativity, you'll certainly pay attention to such exclusive art as String art. I can't say it's easy to create cards in this technique but the result of your efforts will be perfect. Well, try and you won't be disappointed. Here's a masterclass for those who have decided to make a craft (a card) using the technique of String art.

String Art. Tutorial on Making a Card

You'll need a ready-drawn design of some picture or you may draw it yourself on a piece of cardboard or velvet.

Take your picture, a pricker to make holes and a clamp.

Before you start making holes in the scheme-picture, fasten it to the base.

Here is what you've got:

Then you choose threads — they may be various: cotton, woolen, silk or color threads as you like and begin to stitch the threads through the holes. I advise you to start stitching the corner on the scheme.

Then you fix your picture where you wish and here it is the result of your efforts. Isn't it lovely?

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