Children creativity. How to grow a hedgehog. An interesting craft for kids

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Children creativity deserves parents' attention as it helps them find exciting and useful activities to keep their kids occupied and entertained all day long.
Here's an interesting craft for children — a grass hedgehog. It's made quite simply, and it'll bring joy to you and your kid.

You'll need:
— a sock,
— soil,
— the seeds of plants,
— beads or small buttons for the hedgehog's eyes and nose.

1. Strew some soil without seeds into the sock so as to form the muzzle. Mix the rest soil with the seeds and fill in the hedgehog's body.

2. Tie the sock with a piece of cord or elastic and cut off the unnecessary part.

3. Put the «hedgehog» into the plastic plate hiding the tied part below. Form the body stretching the muzzle a bit and making the sides round. Pour the figure with water well. The water from the plastic plate will be absorbed gradually into the sock.

4. Using the tailor's pins, fasten the nose and the eyes-beads on the muzzle. Put the «hedgehog» into a warm light place — to sprout. Don't forget to water the hedgehog and turn its sides to the light — the «thorns» will grow of the same length.

5. Your own hedgehog may look like this one.

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