What is Quilling? Paper, Patterns, Cards and Projects. Art Quills

Beautiful quilling ideas, creations and projects for beginners. How to do paper quilling — cards and patterns. Easy quilling designs and art


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DIY Quilled Trees for Kids and Adults, Pictured Tutorials

A kind of manual art when thin paper strips turn into wonderful volume crafts is attractive and useful both for children and adults. Quilling gives them not only aesthetic satisfaction but also a lot of fun working together. With these pictured tutorials you will learn several tips on making Quilled Trees.   Read more
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DIY Quilling Cards - Ideas for Kids Crafting

Quilling creativity is an amazing art of shaping paper into intricate and interesting shapes: cute cards and wonderful paper pictures. Here's some interesting ideas from simple to complicated ones. All these cards can serve fabulous gifts on birthdays or on Mother's Day. Create them and you'll get pleasure, fun from work and gratitude from your dears.   Read more