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Therapeutic mobile games for kids - from fears, tense anxiety to dexterity development

If you are young parents, you probably encounter a number of questions concerning child care and his psychological development. We`ll be gald if this material about how to turn kids` fears and tense anxiety into dexterity development using therapeutic mobile games will give you a bit of necessary and useful information.   Read more
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How to "quiet" the child`s morning and make it joyful - some practical advice for parents

Sometimes it happens that your morning turns into a nightmare! Your child grizzles not wishing to get ready for going to the kindergarten, mother gets rattled and even loses her temper. As a result, the child is late for a kindergarten arriving there in bad mood. Here are some practical advice which helped me once to normalize the situation. Perhaps, it`ll be useful for you, too.   Read more
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Why shouldn't children hysterics be encouraged? - Pieces of advice for parents

Why shouldn't children hysterics be encouraged? It's also one of the most perturbing questions for young parents. Perhaps, our pieces of advice will help you cope with the problem. «Give me a sweet, please,» says a kid. He doesn't ask, he demands. You can't think of any persuasion — dinner time is coming, you'll spoil your appetite or you'll have a tooth ache, they don't help. A child becomes angry, starts crying and stamping his feet, sometimes, he can even fall down and writhe in hysterics. Such a behavior of your child will worry and nonplus everybody. To be quiet in the situation like that isn't simple! And there are some parents who are absolutely at a loss, they don't know how to react.   Read more
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How to train a kid to use a night pot

How is a kid trained to use a night pot?
It's quite a long process and is carried out in a different way. Usually girls start using a night pot more quickly than boys. It's because the girls' muscles needed for this process are developed better. The best time to start training a kid to use a night pot is when he has reached the age of one year: the child has already learned his body and started feeling the fullness of the rectum.   Read more
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Competition, children. Psychologists' pieces of advice

Competition, children. Psychologists' pieces of advice.
I've found an interesting article which teaches us, adults, to be more considerate to our children, treat them as they are. What does a person suffer from most of all? From comparison! Sure, when this comparison isn't in his favor. Children, like grown-ups, suffer from comparison too and, perhaps, suffer even more.   Read more