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Art drawing and painting classes for kids and parents. All about of step-by-step children's drawing lessons — learn how to draw cartoons, people, animals, flowers, etc. Free coloring pages for kids of all ages


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Drawing Ideas for Beginners Step by Step - Animals

Drawing is the exciting activity that children from early age are occupied with great pleasure. When your little kid takes a pencil and wants to start drawing, and you are confused what to begin with, use our drawing ideas for beginners which shows step by step drawing method that'll help you, dear parents, teach your kids to draw making the process easier and the result better.   Read more
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Drawing Lessons for Beginners: Draw Animals Step by Step with Circles

Your kids have already learnt to draw step by step simple drawings of animals using circles from the topic Step by Step Drawing Lessons for Toddlers: Learn to Draw with Circles. Here we'll continue to show children how to draw using the basic elements: straight lines, circles and ovals but the drawings of animals will be a little more complicated for beginners.   Read more
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Drawing on the Points for Toddlers and Preschoolers. Develop Kid's Fine Motor Skills

The tasks for developing child's fine motor skills are absolutely necessary for toddlers and preschoolers. Our learn to draw for kids activity is just the one that complies with this objective. Drawing on the Points are useful for younger children: they learn to hold a pencil in the hand and direct it correctly for connecting the points.   Read more