Fruit, Vegetable and Pumpkin Carving Art - Ideas, Patterns and Templates

Art of fruit and vegetable carving with easy ideas, patterns and templates. You learn how to carve flowers or animals out of fruits and vegetables, how to make halloween pumpkin carving and many others


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Tips on Creative Fruit and Vegetable Carving. Holiday Dish Decoration

On the eve of New Year or any other holiday we want to decorate our dishes off the beaten track. To please the eyes of our dears nothing extraordinary is necessary. We can take usual apples, oranges, mandarins, bananas, kiwis and a bit of culinary fantasy — and the table decoration will get your favorite occupation, and your festive dishes will become pieces of art entitled fruit and vegetable carving art.   Read more
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Vegetable Carving Lesson for Beginners - Tulips from Tomatos, Pictured Tutorial

Vegetable carving lesson for beginners. These Tulips from Tomatos look like magic to the viewer, don't they? Carving lovers and beginners, look at the given pictured tutorial and start creating — you'll make a beautiful dish for your mom, granny or sister on Mother's Day or any other holiday.   Read more
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Christmas Craft Gift Ideas. Snowmen Carved from Strawberries with Whipped Cream

Christmas craft gift ideas. It's a fun carving idea for kids of any age — it's so cute to cook and so tasty to eat. Elder children will cope with making it on their own, younger ones will cook it with their relative's help. But all of them will be happy to place the dish on a festive table as a Christmas gift for the family members.   Read more
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Easy Vegetables and Fruit Carving. Cucumber Mat Pictured Tutorial

Cut vegetables and meat are mostly served on the plates covered (if necessaty) with lettuce. But I came up with an idea of carving a Cucumber «Mat» for cut meat and veg. One can also use zucchini or green onion for this purpose. The «mat» for fruit can be made from citrus peel or banana skins.   Read more