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Games for babies - infant acquaintance with the outward things, kid`s development by months

Perhaps, you won`t agree with me, but it`s my firm conviction — to be parents isn`t easy as you are not only the people who have given life to the baby but also educators, nurses, psychologists, doctors, cooks, faithful and dependable friends, everybody to him. From his early years the baby`s education and development should become the parents` main concern. They should know a lot about the kid`s education. And this material — games for babies, infant acquaintance with the outward things will certainly help those parents who are greatly interested in acquiring knowledge about children`s upbringing.   Read more
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Games for children. Simple SCALES - develop logical thinking of preschool children

Playing this elementary game preschool children will start developing logical thinking. Using the simple SCALES kids will easily learn some elementary notions in Physics and start to understand some phenomena before going to school. You can make such scales by yourselves, it`s not difficult.   Read more
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Children creative. Entertaining maths - TASKS for the development of schoolchildren`s logical thinking

We want to submit for your consideration some interesting tasks aiming to develop children`s logical thinking. Besides, these simple entertaining maths tasks will stimulate schoolchildren`s abilities in this subject, improve their attention and awaken the desire to solve difficult problems in future.   Read more
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Early childhood education. Drawing by squares for kids - development of logical thinking, fine motor skills

Art for children contains a lot of fabulous ideas which help us, parents, in upbringing our little ones. Today I want to suggest you the lessons on drawing by squares. They will encourage your kids to think logically, develop their drawing abilities and fine motor skills. What is more, it develops visual perception, attention, teaches to orientate on a sheet in squares which is necessary for school preparation. So drawing by squares for kids is a very useful and fascinating activity.

There's such a game «Jolly Squares». Below I'll show you the photos of it. Copy the pictures and ask your kids to draw the similar.   Read more