Children and creativity. Amusing crafts out of natural material for kids - animals out of carrots and potatoes

We are turning to children and creativity again. It's quite understandable that we pay so much attention to this topic as it's of great help to us in bringing up and educating our children. We want you to try making amusing crafts out of natural material for your kids. They are spectacular animals out of carrots and potatoes. Your children will be happy making them.
It's easy to cut a potato and a carrot, make holes in them that's why it's not difficult to make interesting toys out of them. Boil a carrot and a potato not peeling, cool them, then peel and start working.

You can take a twig of a bush for a deer's horns. A trunk and a head can be made out of a potato — cut a potato to make a necessary form, make legs out of small sticks. A wheat-ear will serve as a tail.

Make chicken's eyes out of peas of black pepper, kidney beans, sunflower seeds or buckwheat seeds. The boy's eyes are made out of a pumpkin seeds, the legs — out of sticks or pieces of thick wire, the feet — out of a potato cut in two.

You can make birds out of two potatoes — a big and a small one, or pieces of a carrot. The wings can be made out of small leaves, feathers or matches.

Try making such a funny little man out of a carrot:

You`ll need:
a big carrot, toothpicks, raisins, parsley, dill and celery, pods of green kidney beans, some other vegetables and roots, a stick from an ice-cream or a pencil.
1. Peel a carrot and cut it off from both ends.
2. With a knife make a hole in the wide end of a carrot and put a stick from an ice-cream (or a pencil) into it.
3. Stick the toothpicks in the carrot to make arms and legs, put pods of kidney beans on them (you may use here something else: pieces of the celery stem, parsley roots and so on.)
4. From three toothpicks break off small pieces and with their help and raisins fasten «eyes», make a «nose» out of any vegetable: celery, kidney beans or parsley roots.
5. Use parsley or celery leaves to fasten «hair» with a toothpick. To work with vegetables is exciting! Children are fond of it! Good luck!
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  • 10 December 2011, 10:45
  • Emma
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