Art lessons for kids. Handmade crafts out of natural material for children - a COCK, photos, description

Art lessons for kids. I enjoy art lessons for kids. Handmade crafts out of natural material for children are so touching and amazing. Nobody can be indifferent to them, I`m certain. I`m going to show you how to make a fascinating cock.

Handmade craft out of conesA Cock

— a cone,
— acorns,
— twigs of a tree,
— birds feathers,
— a small leaf,
— maple fruit,
— paper,
— a wooden bar,
— a knife for (a grown-up),
— a brush,
— an awl and scissors.

The description of work:

For a head take an acorn, separate it from a cone, make cuts at the top and at the bottom with a knife. Put a small leaf into a cut at the top, and maple fruit at the bottom — they`ll be a cock`s comb and a wattle. A beak is made of two layers of paper or a pointed twig. Eyes are glued out of paper
or seeds. For a trunk take a small long cone, in it make a hole for a neck with an awl, on the opposite side make two holes for legs and two — for a tail at the very end of the cone.
Use a short thin twig to join a head and a trunk. Both ends of it should be sharpened and put into prepared holes. Strong curved twigs are legs. To make cock`s paws take acorn`s heads. Both ends of twigs-legs sharpen, one end put into the hole of the cone, the other — into the acorn`s head.
And at last put three or four feathers into the hole made at the very end of the cone and arrange them like a tail.
Glue all joint parts to make them firm. (All the holes and sharp parts should be made by a grown-up!!!)
One more cock.

— chestnuts,
— an acorn of an oval form,
— feathers,
— twigs,
— a stick or a sharpened match,
— a thorn,
— leaves of a dahlia,
— seeds of a bindweed,
— glue,
— a wooden bar,
— an awl and a brush.

The description of work:

Take a big chestnut, in it make (by a grown-up) holes for legs, a neck and a tail, then choose an acorn for a head. A cock`s comb and a wattle are made out of the leaves of a dahlia, a beak — out of a thorn of a plant, eyes — out of the seeds of a bindweed. All these things are glued, twigs will suit for legs and a tail is made out of feathers. And the cock is ready! It is glued to the half of a chestnut — a support.

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