Children and creativity. Crafts from plasticine for kids - a dog, a mouse, a kitten and others

Children and creativity are always in the center of parents and teachers` attention. Their desire is to help kids understand art and develop their creativity. Here we advise you to get acquainted with some lessons on modelling from plasticine — these are the pictures demonstrating the work step-by-step: how to begin, how to continue and so on. It`s quite enough to show a kid these photos and he will be able to model something himself :)
A Mouse

A Kitten

A Dog

A Caterpillar

A Frog


A Cock

A Donkey

A Puppy

A Cow

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  • 27 October 2011, 11:32
  • Emma
Plasticine is my son`s favorite material for craftmaking — it`s pleasant and easy for modeling. The result of the work is marvelous:

Animals from plasticine

Animals from plasticine

Animals from plasticine
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