Tips on Creative Fruit and Vegetable Carving. Holiday Dish Decoration

On the eve of New Year or any other holiday we want to decorate our dishes off the beaten track. To please the eyes of our dears nothing extraordinary is necessary. We can take usual apples, oranges, mandarins, bananas, kiwis and a bit of culinary fantasy — and the table decoration will get your favorite occupation, and your festive dishes will become pieces of art entitled fruit and vegetable carving art.   Read more

Art Activities. Composition out of Groats and Dried Wheat-ears - Handmade Vase with Flowers

Art activities for kids are extremely useful for children: they don't only amuse them for hours but also stimulate their creative initiative and make them happy, which is very important. At one of our lessons I offered my children a handmade craft — a composition out of groats and dried wheat-ears — a Vase with flowers.   Read more
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Logic Puzzles with Answers for Kids. Cows and Fence

Logic puzzles with answers for kids. Cows and Fence
There are 4 country houses round the lake and there are 4 cowsheds almost on the banks of the lake. The owners of the houses want to build a continuous fence round the lake so that the cows could not get to the lake and the dwellers of the houses should easily reach them.   Read more
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Kids Craft Ideas. Chicken in Papier-mache and Quilling Technique, Tutorial, Photos

Kids craft ideas are of great help for you when you are going to make something unconventional. Try your best to make this lovely Chicken in papier-mache and quilling technique. This detailed tutorial with photos and description will help. You'll carry away with this creative activity and get a lot of fun and pleasure, I'm sure.   Read more
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Coloring for Kids. The Lesson of Creativity for Children - Painting with Fingers and a Palm, Photos

You can also find spectacular ideas in coloring for kids. This lesson of creativity will show you an unconventional but quite lovely way of depicting the surrounding world — painting with fingers and a palm. Why should we only paint with brushes, felt-tip pens and colorful pencils? Fingers and a palm can also serve as a nice instrument for painting. Besides, a child's thumb obeys him better than a pencil.   Read more