Art Activities for Kids. An Unconventional Painting Method - Splashing on + the Imprint of Leaves + Water-color

I've found an unconventional painting method — splashing on — while looking through the art activities for kids and want to show it to you. Usually children paint on white paper: a picture is better seen. But some pictures need a background and using the splashing on we create a background needed for them. We should point out that children works look better on the made background.   Read more

Holiday Ideas with Kids. Dish Decor for Children Parties

Holiday ideas with kids. The menu for children holidays should include the dishes kids got used to and eat with great pleasure every day — as many children eat new products cautiously and may even refuse to eat some. On the other hand new food can cause allergy in some kids. So to avoid unpleasant cases it's better to offer kids thier favorite dishes. But pay special attention to dish decor.   Read more