Quilling Technique. Long-legged Frog out of Paper, Pictured Tutorial

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Why don't you try making this nice children craft? This is a tutorial on making a lovely long-legged frog out of paper in the paper quilling techniques. The description of the work and photos are added. These creatures — young frogs, the crafts in the quilling technique — look charming when they are in a sitting position. But it's possible to turn them into simple bunnies if fastened with a piece of cord or elastic. They will dangle the legs and arms funnily to the delight of your children. Let's start creating.

Long-legged Frog out of Paper

You'll need:

About 12 wide dark green strips of 10 mm long,
about 25 wide dark green strips of 3 mm long,
15 wide light green strips of 3 mm long,
3 wide black strips of 3 mm long,
a drinking straw,
P V A glue,
thin scissors,
a small wooden stick.


1. For making a body, take about 8 dark green strips of 10 mm broad and roll up a conic coil of 4,5 cm high.

2. For making a head take some dark green strips of 3 mm broad and roll up a dense coil. Go on adding the strips by one till the diameter of the coil is 2,25 cm. Add a light green strip to mark a mouth.

3. Fold a dense coil and form a bowl out of it, then put some glue on the inner surface. Make the needed form before the glue dries.

4. You are to make two such coils. Stick them together so that a mouth should be a bit open. Put a little glue on the external edge of the upper coil and on the eternal edge, wait a bit and join the coils.

5. For making eyes wind a light green strip of 3 mm broad round a pencil for getting a ring. Glue up the end of it. Make one more ring of a bigger size. Its diameter should be about 2 cm.

6. Roll up a white strip of 3 mm broad and 2 mm long. Put it on the table so that the coils should unroll a bit and squeeze it to make it flat.

7. Roll up a black strip of 3 mm broad into a dense coil, but don't roll it up to the end. When there's about 8 cm left, insert a tiny white coil and go on rolling the black one. Glue the end up. You'll have an eye.

8. Make one more eye, a bigger one. This time you'll need two black strips. Glue up a black eye into a green ring. Stick the eyes to the head.

9. To make arms and legs take the strips of 3 mm broad. For arms take a quarter of their length, for legs — the third part. Roll them up like whiskers and from the one end of it fasten small rolls made out of a quarter of ten-millimeter strip, wound round a drinking straw.

10. For palms and feet use the strips of 3 mm broad. Out of them make 12 wheat-ears. Three wheat-ears for feet should be of maximum length of the strip. Cut off the rest of the strips. Each wheat-ear for a palm will take about half length of the strip. Work up each wheat-ear with a wooden stick with the diameter of 15 mm as shown in the picture.

11. Stick three wheat-ears together.

12. Glue the feet to the legs and palms to the arms.

13. Glue the arms to the shoulders, and the legs — to the eternal surface of the body as shown in the picture.

And you'll have such a lovely frog:

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