Quilling - picture specimens for crafts, art quills

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Do you want your kids to be joyous and lively? Do you want them to learn and spend time with use and fun? Then pass to children creativity and its original and glamorous ideas will be of great help. As for me, I'd like to tell you about quilling and present to you some picture specimens for wonderful crafts in this technique. Have a go and you'll be a success! Good luck!

Quilling is a technique of paper twisting, a skill of making paper curls. Using this technique, you can create amazing pictures, post-cards, decorations for a box. The examples of such pictures are given here and shown how to make them.

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My free time is for quilling which certainly needs some time but the result is worth of it:

Quilling pictures

Quilling pictures
The schemes of quilling pictures are quite interesting.
Hope little kids' parents will pay attention to these nice specimens and will like to teach their children to make them.

Quilling crafts
These quilling flowers are charming!

quilling flowers
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Simple and very beautiful!

quilling picture

quilling picture
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