Quilling, paper twisting technique - post-cards, flowers and other crafts

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This masterclass on making a congratulatory post-card is quite simple, you can make it together with your child. You'll need double-sided color paper, P V A glue, colorful cardboard (for a background of a post-card) and some toothpicks.

The simplest element of the quilling is a spiral. For its making you should wind a strip of color paper 0,5-0,7 cm broad and about 25 cm long around a toothpick, then take it away, make a bit loose and glue the edge of the paper. The spiral is ready and on the base of this workpiece with the help of different clips you can make various elements.

Squeezing the spiral from one side with the fingers, you can make a petal or a leaf for the future flower.

If you clutch the spiral from two sides, you'll have a boat, which can also be used as a leaf. If you clench the spiral from one side and bend inside from the other, you'll have a heart.

When all the elements are ready, it's necessary to form the imagined composition out of them and stick it to the cardboard base with P V A glue. You can also use velvet paper as the base — your craft will look more spectacular. Here is what you may have as a result of your work. Good luck!!!

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Excellent! It`s simple and beautiful! I like quilling cards. Look at the following quilling card, please. It`s perfect too.

Quilling card
This is pretty cool; flowers look so atractive.
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