Paper Quilling for Beginners. Kindergarteners Make Piglet

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Paper quilling for beginners. Here we are offering to kindergarteners to quill an attractive paper piglet. It's a small toy of volume shape. Mind: though the craft is easy to perform, but still little kids will need the adults' help.

Kindergarteners Make Piglet

You'll Need:

— 36 pink strips of 3688mm and 3 strips of 3080,5 mm from corrugated cardboard.
— 1 red cardboard strip of 4181 мм and one of 3081 mm.

From red cardboard strip you make 4 rectangles. Foe eyes use buttons.


1 At first glue 2 tapes from 15 strips of 30 sm x 1 cm.

2. One is twisted in a tight roll.

3. The workpieces of red and pinc colors are cut in half and glued into 2 tapes. Each is twisted in tight in a role. The made parts are glued together and you'll have the piglet's nostrills.

4. Then a long pink strip is glued to the nose and twisted it tight.

5. When 6 turns are made under the nose, a mouthe is glued of 4 x 1 cm strip. Then the workpiece is twisted in such a way that both circles have the same diameter.

6. Now bend the workpiece like a dome, turn the nose up. Grease well the craft inside.

7. Shape cones from tight rolls twisted from 4 strips of 30 x 1 cm.

8. Ears are made from free spirals twisted from 2 tapes of 30 x 0,5 cm.

9. The tail is made from the strip of 30 x 5 cm. The workpieces are greased with glue, then wound up onto a pencil. A needed spiral turns out.

10. Glue the body parts together. Hide the part joints with paper strips. Attach the legs to the body.

Paper Quilling for Beginners. Kindergarteners Make Piglet

Paper Quilling for Beginners. Kindergarteners Make Piglet

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