Paper Quilling Designs. Crafts out of Fluted Cardboard - Handmade Picture Post-Cards

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I want to boast of wonderful ideas I've found among a number of art activities for kids! They are handmade crafts out of fluted cardboard in the quilling technique. It's cutting fluted cardboard into strips, twisting them into spirals and shaping a necessary form. Today we'll start doing it.

Paper Quilling Designs

You'll need fluted cardboard of various colors, scissors, glue, plastic eyes and… a bit of patience. To create these fantastic things it's better to take fluted cardboard colored on the both sides. But if you've got cardboard with one side coloring, I think it'll do, too.

The pictures are taken from here

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The pictures are amazing! I want to add some more for you to admire:

Lovely Dogs

quilling dog

quilling dog

Nice Cats

quilling cat

quilling cay
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