Kids arts and crafts. Simple Handmade Quilling PICTURE, Master Class

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Quilling pictures made by the masters of this kind of art amaze imagination with their beauty and virtuosity of execution. To become a master in any art experience is needed. If you pass to quilling projects, you should start with simple quilling crafts. This master class will help you make a lovely quilling Picture with Lavender Flowers.

Master Class on Making Quilling Picture

You`ll Need:

— colored double sided paper or strips of special paper for quilling;
— a toothpick;
— PVA glue;
— a frame for a photo;
— a ruler;
— a pencil.

Preparing the Materials:

Prepare all the materials. Think of the future picture (in this case it`ll be lavender flowers), determine the color of your elements and their shape. Cut the paper strips 3-6 mm. Find a small flat bowl for glue.


Rolling the workpieces

Split the toothpick end. Insert the paper strip edge into the slot and turn the toothpick making a paper roll. Take off the roll from the toothpick and glue the strip end to the roll. You may change the size of the workpiece leaving it tightly twisted or a bit weakened. Note, it`s more difficult to shape a tightly twisted roll.

Shaping the workpieces

Make the needed number of rolls and start shaping the workpieces. With the fingers squeeze the workpiece from one side — you`ll have the element «drop». If the workpiece is squeezed from both sides, it`ll be an «eye». Experiment with the shapes.

Composing the picture

Compose the picture from the elements. Glue them to the paper. Insert the picture into the frame. It`s ready!

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