How to Do Paper Quilling Cockerel

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How to do paper quilling Cockerel. Have a look at this cute paper quilling beauty, will you? This craft Cockerel can be made practically without any difficulty by engrossed craftmakers. All they need is to have the necessary materials (mostly paper strips), some instruments, a bit of free time and some skills in quilling.

How to Do Paper Quilling Cockerel

You'll Need:

— the base on which the paper will be glued,
— colored quilling paper,
— PVA glue,
— ruler,
— scissors,
— toothpicks.
If you have on special quilling strips, you may cut them from colored paper.


For spinning paper strips one can use a special instrument for quilling. If you haven't it, you may take a big needle or a ten-centimeter round wooden stick.

First, prepare a drawing of a cockerel and colored paper strips, Start your work with making a tail. Glue the paper strips along the drawing contour, placing them on the edge. Put much glue. Wait till it dry before continue to work. Then fill the cockerel's tail from inside. Use the paper of different colors. All the strips should be placed very tightly to each other. The other parts of the bird are made from quilling elements, mostly «drops» and «elongated drops» for executing the cockerel's neck.

The given picture will help you make the creative process easier. Good luck! You'll manage!

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These quilling cockerels are fabulous, aren't they?



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