Creative child. PICTURE in the Quilling Technique for Beginners

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Since the old times people have been trying to reveal their creative abilities. To make the child`s education harmonious, parents should develop not only his/her mental and physical abilities but also his/her creative ones. A lot of materials and techniques exist for developing children`s creativity. Here we offer you an interesting quilling ideaPICTURE for beginners in quilling. While making the Picture your kids will not only develop imagination and creativity but also improve their manual skills.


Creative child. PICTURE in the Quilling Technique for Beginners

This craft is made in the quilling style. Quilling or papertwisting is an old Chinese art. The main principle here is to twist paper strips and give them openwork forms. Using openwork curls you can create different panels, handmade cards, volume compositions, boxes and other articles of the interior.

For creating this picture you`ll need craft paper of various colors, glue, a frame and scissors. Cut the strips of paper of different length and twist various forms: «eyes», «circles». Glue them onto the thick paper describing a nice spring picture. Put the picture into the frame. Your spring picture is done.

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What I like about this craft is that it`s simple to make.
Nothing special…
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