Creative child. Panel with Roses Quilling, master class

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Quilling is an exciting and quite widespread activity. But it needs a lot of patience and endurance. If you`ve got enough of these qualities, then this master class is for you. We`ll make a Panel with Roses Quilling, which may be a cute gift for anybody you love and value.

Panel with Roses Quilling

Creative child. Panel with Roses Quilling, master class

You`ll Need:

1. Paper for quilling
2. Scissors
3. Instruments for paper twisting or a toothpick
4. PVA glue
5. Planch

How to Make:

We`ll start making flowers. Let them be of different gentle colors. Take a paper strip and wind it on a toothpick. On making some turns, bend the paper strip to yourself at 90 degrees. Then make one more turn and bend the strip again likewise. Winding the strips in this way, it`s necessary to hold the flower with the fingers so that it can be formed properly. When finish, glue it on the reverse side and take it off the toothpick. The rose is made.

Creative child. Panel with Roses Quilling, master class

Now you are to make some leaves and coils. The leaves can be made in the usual way or they may be done like mine. It`s simple. Take a green strip and bend it some times in the hands, then wrap it with the same paper strip. Everything is glued at the base. Make big and smaller leaves. Make the coils like this: take 2-3 strips and wind them together on the stick, but not to the end. Then take them off the stick and form the coils of the needed shape.

Creative child. Panel with Roses Quilling, master class

Place the flowers, leaves and coils on a planch, form the composition as you like and glue everything well. Our Panel with Roses is ready! Enjoy your creative work!

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Thank you for this master class — everything is descriptive and clear. Besides, roses are my favorite flowers and to make them from paper gives me a lot of satisfaction. I`ll try to make such a panel, perhaps, it`ll be as beautiful as this one. Oh, I`d like to show you one more picture of quilling roses: they are also very attractive:

Quilling roses
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