Crafts for kids. Quilling projects. Christmas quilling picture - Winter Festive Forest

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In anticipation of Christmas quilling ideas offer you a wonderful possibility to realize your creative fantasy and make lovely gifts for your parents and friends. If you make an effort for creating this Christmas quilling craftWinter Festive Forest, it`ll certainly gladden your loved ones. Be sure, there`s nothing difficult in implementing — you`ll manage. Good luck!

Crafts for kids. Quilling projects. Christmas quilling picture - Winter Festive Forest

What is needed to make a Christmas quilling craft:

— 4 sheets of dark green paper;
— a sheet of black or dark brown colored paper;
— a sheet of red and blue paper;
— a sheet of white paper;
— light blue carton (for the background);
— scissors;
— PVA glue;
— tweezers.

The decoration of a Christmas tree can be varied — it depends on your choice: you can use pieces of colored paper rolled into balls, tinsels or beads.


1. Fir Branches

From dark green paper cut 6 strips, roll them up the length of a branch into a spiral. To make the shape of a fir branch as shown in the picture, twist the end of the element round the pen rod and when it`s fixed, depose the spiral layers a bit to make the «branch» look «fluffy».

2. Fir Trunk

From dark paper cut a strip, fold it as shown in the picture and glue. Stick the branches on the fir trunk with glue.

3. Gifts

For gifts make two quilling elements: a red and blue «squares». Use colored paper or cloth to make a ribbon.

4. Hares

For making hares the following quilling figures of white color are needed:

— two «free relatively large» circles for the body trunk;
— two alike but smaller circles for the hare heads;
— four «drop» elements for the ears;
— six «drops» of a smaller size for the paws.
The nose and eyes may be drawn on the ready made element in felt-tip pen. Make the mustache from dark colored paper, cutting thin strips of the proper size.

5. Assembly

On the blue carton glue the elements joining them carefully with tweezers. First glue the Fir tree, then mark the snow cover with a white strip of paper. Now «put» the gifts under the Tree and assemble the hares from white elements. Decorate the Fir tree top and «hang» the ornaments. To make the snow and ornaments look more realistic you can use small soft balls which are sold in the sets for children creativity.

Volume Christmas cards, ornaments or festive panels can be created in the quilling technique. Everything depends on your imagination.

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Are you fond of quilling? Me, too.

Christmas quilling pictures

Christmas quilling pictures

Christmas quilling pictures
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