Children crafts. A handmade volume snow-flake, the quilling technique

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Children crafts are so diverse that we can find something original to any taste. Winter gives us an opportunity to create marvelous things in the quilling technique out of paper which look wonderful and are able to decorate any interior. I recommend you to make a volume snow-flake out of paper in the quilling technique. The description of this masterclass and photos are added. Handmade snow-flakes are different, here we familiarize you with a volume and solid model which can be used for a fir-tree decoration. The alike snow-flakes can hang on the doors of the furniture or simply left to spin from the ceilings.

We start with sticking together the separate parts of the quilling thing. Figure 2 shows how they are joined into a bigger thing, then 4 more curls, shown in figure 3 are added to them. In the end each snow-flake is covered with sprangles and lacquer. If you manage, you can buy special spray adhesive for covering such crafts.

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