Children and creativity. Quilling ROSES for Dear Mum

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These amazing ROSES are made in the technique of the quilling art. If you`ve mastered this technique a bit, to perform the flowers won`t be difficult. Start working, following our instructions, and you`ll make a wonderful gift with your own hands. Your mum or granny will be happy to get it on Mother`s Day. Apply a little of effort and a lot of desire and you`ll manage to rejoice your dears with lovely flowers. Good luck!

Amazing ROSES for Mum

Children and creativity. Quilling ROSES for Dear Mum

What You`ll Need:

For the flowers: 6 yellow strips (you may take the paper of any color you like) 10 cm wide and 20 cm long.

For theleaves: 7 green strips 15 cm long and 24 green ones 10 cm long.

For the stalks:

1 brown strip 9 cm long;
1 brown strip 5 cm long;
1 brown strip 3 cm long;
5 green strips 3 cm long;
2 green strips 1,5 cm long.

The strips used for making the leaves and stalks are 3 mm broad. The size of the cardboard, on which the design is assembled, is 11 cm x 15 cm.



1. Cut a paper strip 10 mm wide and 20 cm long; insert its end into the needle slit.

2. Wind the paper around the needle 3 times and fix the coils with glue.

3. Bend the strip at the right angle towards yourself, make a coil, putting the strip bell style so that its lower edge can fit snugly to the needle.

4. Fix the coil with glue and go on bending and spinning the ribbon, gluing each coil, till you put the whole ribbon.

5. Turn the strip end under the rose and glue. Leave the workpiece on the needle till the flower fixes well and can be easily taken off without damaging it. Perhaps, you`ll have to glue the coils further in the critical points. The Rose is ready.

These photoes will certainly help you showing clearly how to make a rose.

Children and creativity. Quilling ROSES for Dear Mum

Children and creativity. Quilling ROSES for Dear Mum

Children and creativity. Quilling ROSES for Dear Mum

Make the leaves in the form of an «eye»: 7 large leaves and 24 smaller ones.

Make the stalks in the form of tight wisp ribbons: the number of them is given ahead.


On the sheet of cardboard glue the longest brown stalk, then on its both sides — two short brown ones. Glue the green stalks going from the brown ones and at their ends glue the large leaves. Place the rest leaves in pairs on the left and on the right of the green stalks so that there should be 5 stalks with 5 leaves and two — with 3 leaves. Glue the roses at the ends of the brown stalks as shown in the photoes.

Insert the picture into the frame and your amazing gift is ready. You may present your mum with it — she`ll be proud of you.

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