Art for kids. Congratulations to Mom - Quilling Picture LILLY of the VALLEY

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Will you have a look at this nice picture Lilly of the Valley in the quilling technique? Isn`t it charming? If you are familiar with this technique, you`ll easily make this cute craft and it`ll be a lovely gift for congratulating your mom or granny on Mother`s Day.


Art for kids. Congratulations to Mom - Quilling Picture LILLY of the VALLEY

What You`ll Need:

For the flowers: 17 white paper strips 12 cm long.

For the leaves: 1 green paper strip 120 cm long and 1 strip 60 cm long.

For the stalks and pedicles: 1 green paper strip 10 cm long; 1 strip 9 cm long and 13 strips 4 cm long.

All the strips are of 3 mm broad.
The picture is made on a sheet of cardboard 11 cm X 15 cm.


1. Twist 17 cones to shape the flowers.
2. Twist 2 big leaves and 2 smaller ones in the form of an «eye».
3. For the stalks and pedicles twist 2 very tight long flagella ribbons from green paper and 13 smaller ones from white paper.


On a sheet of cardboard glue 2 long stalks; on both sides of them glue the leaves so that they may touch them down. Along the stalks glue the white pedicles downward. At the ends of the pedicles glue the flowers. At the top ends of the long stalks glue the rest 4 flowers.

Your lovely picture is ready and you may be proud to congratulate your mom with such a beautiful gift on Mother`s Day or on her birthday.

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It`s amazing! Quilling Lilly of the Valley are so delicate, aren`t they?

Quilling lilly of the valley
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