Art for children. Quilling, paper twisting technique - CACTUS flowers

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Making something with your own hands is an enjoyable activity giving you a lot of experience and pleasure. If you haven`t tried yourself in quilling or paper twisting technique, then it`s time to start learning yourself and teaching your child. Art quills is exciting and useful for improving your kid`s manual skills. Here is a masterclass on quilling for beginners. Your daughter will twist these marvelous CACTUS flowers with rapt attention and you`ll have the chance to help and devote your free time to her. Let`s start.

For one flower:
Glue the white paper tape length 15 cm, white fringed paper 4 mm broad and 2 cm long with lilac fringed 10 mm broad and 2 cm long. Beginning with the end of the white paper twist tight spiral, glue the end. When the glue dries, unbend the fringed strips carefully outside.

Art for children. Quilling, paper twisting technique - CACTUS flowers

Glue the stems on the cardboard, at the end of each stem glue one green leaf, then on both sides of them glue the rest leaves in pairs; distribute brown leaves and flowers at will between green leaves at full length of the stems.

Quilling is a fascinating and astonishing activity. A lot of wonderful things can be made with this technique: flowers, animals, butterflies, cards and other spectacular things.

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Thank you, the technique is interesting, we'll perhaps try.
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