What does your child draw? Study your kid`s psychology - tests on children`s drawings

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It`s known that child`s drawings can tell us lots about his character and inner world. By his pictures we can learn what he likes, dislikes, what emotions he suffers, whom he trusts, what he needs, etc. If you want to know your child`s psychology better, use our tests on childern`s drawings, which will help you do this.


Ask your child to draw the family, but don`t prompt or specify whom and how he should draw. Step aside and watch him quietly — you`ll see yourself from the outside.


Look, who`ll be the first drawn by your kid. If he has drawn himself, then it`s good — all children usually feel the center of the world. Then, pay attention who`s drawn the next; you can know whom the child likes best, whom he trusts. If it`s neither of his parents but his small friend, a pet-animal — it says a lot: the parents don`t give him enough attention and tenderness.
All children want to grow more quickly, that`s why they draw themselves as tall as their parents, perhaps, only a bit shorter. If a kid`s drawn himself very small; probably, he depends on his parents a lot who hinder to reveal his individuality.


Here the child draws all the family together holding the hands. If the parents are drawn separately in different corners of the sheet, and what is worse, drawn standing back to back — you should understand that you communicate little with your child and the relationship in the family isn`t good. If the kid has got sisters and brothers and draws them very small in the distance from the rest members of the family, be on the alert — your child is jealous and needs your attention and care. Pay attention to the faces of the drawn people — if they smile and look happy; there are various bows, butterflies, balloons, a smiling sun in the drawing — your child is happy in this world.

Pay attention to the length, width and shape of the body parts. It can happen that the kid`s forgotten to draw some body part, e.g. a mouth — it shows that this person scolds him very much. Think over it! Long arms of some relatives can say that the child is afraid of being punished or even beaten. If he draws people with long legs, it means he himself seeks independence. The child who`s afraid of something will draw frightening people with arms outstretched to the side and long fingers.


The kid will try to paint his beloved people with the same color like himself. Assertive and breachy ones usually choose warm tones — orange and crimson. Cold tones are prefered by quiet, dreamy, serious children; they like blue, light blue, pale yellow. The contrast between black and white reveals the inner conflict which the child can`t overcome.

Pay attention to the way the kid paints the drawing. If a crayon extends beyond the contour every now and then, it means your child is freedom-loving and has the talent of independence. If the drawing is painted extremely accurate and furthermore, has white line between the contour and the main color, it means your kid isn`t confident in himself, feels defenceless and needs your support constantly.

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