How to train a kid to use a night pot

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How is a kid trained to use a night pot?
It's quite a long process and is carried out in a different way. Usually girls start using a night pot more quickly than boys. It's because the girls' muscles needed for this process are developed better. The best time to start training a kid to use a night pot is when he has reached the age of one year: the child has already learned his body and started feeling the fullness of the rectum.

To quicken this process, take off a diaper: a kid should feel and see what is happening during the feeling of urge and urination. Sure, you can't do without puddles in the beginning. And remember: a kid is fond of giving joy to his parents :), don't forget to praise him much for his success. It's a wonderful boost for him!

You can give a kid a practical example how to use a pot — it's good if you have older children or you may ask your relation's child to help you. Observant mothers can notice that before doing the deed, a kid calms down and begins making an effort. So, it's necessary to notice this moment and put him on the pot.

Don't hide the pot far, it should always be in full view of the kid. A pot must be comfortable: neither large nor small. On passing some time ask your kid to water in the pot. But don't scold him, if he has done everything into his panties. You should show your little one a pot again and explain to him what it's used for. And you may do it some times.

During an active game a kid forgets and you have to remind him about the pot. Ask your little one to sit down on the pot after sleep and meals.

The older the kid is, the more time he spends naked, the more quickly he starts using the pot on his own, without reminding.

You have trained the kid to use a pot a little. Now the question arises how to train him not to water in the panties during the walk.
First, you should suggest your kid sitting on the pot before going for a walk.
Secondly, it's necessary to take some extra panties and socks with you.
If it's not difficult, take a pot with you and teach your child «to go to the bushes». If the kid has watered into the panties during the walk, don't scold him, but show him his wet panties and explain to him what has happened and that he should ask for doing his business. Usually, if a kid has learned to use a pot at home, the process of training walking without diaper is quick.
The main thing here is the following: you need a lot of patience and kindness, if you want to train quickly your kid to use a pot:
— it's not allowed to scold the kid for his wet panties;
— praise him :) for his success — smile, pat on his back, press to your breast;
— try to notice the necessary moments and put your little one on the pot.

And that's all. The process may be delayed, if you aren't patient. So, only great love, kindness and patience to the kid are your helpers. Good luck!
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