How to "quiet" the child`s morning and make it joyful - some practical advice for parents

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Sometimes it happens that your morning turns into a nightmare! Your child grizzles not wishing to get ready for going to the kindergarten, mother gets rattled and even loses her temper. As a result, the child is late for a kindergarten arriving there in bad mood. Here are some practical advice which helped me once to normalize the situation. Perhaps, it`ll be useful for you, too.

Firstly, try to understand your kid`s feelings at the moment and agree with him if necessary. For example, if he hasn`t watched the cartoon to the end and it`s time to leave home, record it on video and let your child see it in the evening. Try to speak with the children using short and clear sentences. For example, instead of the words: «How many times I`ve told you; I`m late for the work; It`s time to go and you`re without a jacket; What a bad girl you are» — It`s better to say: «Put your jacket on, we are leaving». It`ll be much better, believe me.

How to quiet the child`s morning and make it joyful - some practical advice for parents

Secondly, in the evening prepare for the kid some toy which «has to go to the kindergarten, too» — it`ll be more cheerful together. You can «play on the child`s feelings». He`ll shove his legs into pants with great pleasure, if they «missed him at night».

Turn on cheerful music in the morning. It`s easier to get up listening to it — it «calls» you. Prepare the necessary things for the morning in the evening not to waste time looking for them.
Try to use my advice, perhaps, they`ll help you.

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