Veterans Day Poems - They Deserve Our Admiration

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Veterans Day Poems honor all veterans, living and dead; they thank to veterans who gave their lives so others may freely live. The patriotic poetry for kids teaches young sons and daughters to love their country, its history and heroes.

They Deserve Our Admiration

Veterans Day Poems - They Deserve Our Admiration

On Veterans Day

He is an old Vet now, weighed down by the years.
He walks slowly with a limp, and has grey hair, eye glasses and hearing aids.

Ah, but there once was a day when he was young and strong.
A day when he raised his hand and swore to support the Constitution and protect
the people.
A day he stood erect, proudly wore his uniform and gave crisp salutes.
A day he shook his fathers hand, kissed his mother goodbye and went off to war.

A day he stood firmly and bravely against aggressive foes and did not falter.
A day he saw things a young man should not have to see.
A day he did things a young man should not have to do.
And day he wept over the graves of his fallen comrades.

Yes he remembers all these things.
He stands as the flag passes by in the parade and he salutes it as he has done many times before…
And he remembers.
by Ralpf Bruzzichesi

Veterans day, My Dad served

Note not sent To My Dad on Veteran’s Day:
A letter you wrote, I found
in Old Uncle Laurie’s house.
You were young, Seventeen
You wrote of things to come

And fear
And your new car.
Nam ate your soul
Stupid war, Johnson’s shout at glory.
Our beautiful hero died too young
The damn war never would’ve come
If Their machine hadn’t killed him.
Johnson’s summon
Answered their call
Over the

Voodoos and Jesus nuts
Medic up, man down
Punjis and pissed pants
Wet and rotting stench
You came home. But did you come back?
by Dan Helppi

In Loving Memory

On every soldier's tombstone
should be a message of honor, respect and love:
«In loving memory
of one who loved his country,
who fought against evil
to preserve what is right and true and good.
In loving memory
of one who is a cut above the rest of us,
who had the surpassing courage,
the uncommon strength,
to do whatever had to be done,
persevering through hardship and pain.
In loving memory
of one who was brave enough
to give his life, his all,
so that those he cared about
would remain safe and free.
In loving memory
of a unique and treasured soldier
who will never be forgotten.»
By Joanna Fuchs

HAPPY Veterans Day

How can one say HAPPY Veterans Day.
A day reminiscent of all they who returned
from the horrors of war suffering with PTSS as well as all of the medically in firmed.
How can one say HAPPY Veterans Day.
when so many brothers and sisters lost their lives
leaving behind loving friends and family, children, husbands and wives.
How can one say HAPPY Veterans Day.
It just seems so disrespectfully inappropriate to me.
If I were to say anything to honor that day this is what it would be,
«Have A Great Veterans Day, In Honor Of All They
Who've Insured We All Live Our Lives Safely and Free.»
by SillyBilly theKidster

Thank a Veteran: A Veterans day poem

Today is the day we honor,
the noble and the brave,
the men and woman who dedicated their lives,
and the sacrifices that they have made.
When America had an urgent need,
they were the first to raise their hand,
without thinking twice about it,
they were proud to take a stand.
Some came back from war with battle scars,
others in flagged draped coffins,
even though their flesh may have left,
their spirits will never be forgotten.
They unselfishly and knowingly,
put their lives on the line,
so when you see a veteran, thank them,
cause without them, freedom would have died.
by Brittany cuneo

The Veteran and the Child

'Come, grandfather, show how you carried your gun
To the field, where America's freedom was won,
Or bore your old sword, which you say was new then,
When you rose to command, and led forward your men;
And tell how you felt with the balls whizzing by,
Where the wounded fell round you, to bleed and to die!'

The prattler had stirred, in the veteran's breast,
The embers of fire that had long been at rest.
The blood of his youth rushed anew through his veins;
The soldier returned to his weary campaigns;
His perilous battles at once fighting o'er,
While the soul of nineteen lit the eye of four-score.
by Hannah Flagg Gould

A Nation's Strength

Not gold, but only man can make
A people great and strong;
Men who, for truth and honor's sake,
Stand fast and suffer long.

Brave men who work while others sleep,
Who dare while others fly — They build a nation's pillars deep
And lift them to the sky.
by Walt Whitman

Veterans Day Poems - They Deserve Our Admiration

Wherever we gather today 'neath «The Stars,»
Let's honor the living now wearing the scars
Which they brought from the fields of battle and strife,
While protecting «Our Flag,» and our Nation's life.

– Frederick W. Emerson
Memorial Day, 1892

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