Short April Fools' Day Funny Poems

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These good and funny poems for kids collected here will make the celebration of April Fools' holiday cheerful and unforgettable. Have a great time reading and laughing with them!

Short April Fools' Day Funny Poems

Short April Fools' Day Funny Poems

Happy April Fool's Day Verbs

I saw a cowslip through the fence,
A horsefly in the store,
I saw a boardwalk up the street,
A stone step by a door.
I saw a mill race up the road,
A daybreak through the gloom.
I saw a nightfall on my lawn,
A clock run in the room.
I saw a peanut stand up high,
A sardine box in town,
A bedspring at the garden gate,
An inkstand on the ground.
You don't believe all this, do you?
For not a single thing is true.
It's just a silly way to say,
«Happy April Fool's Day!»
Copyright by Dorothy D. Warner

*** *** ***

The maple syrup’s full of ants.
A mouse is creeping on the shelf.
Is that a spider on your back?
I ate the whole pie by myself.
The kitchen sink just overflowed.
A flash flood washed away the school.
I threw your blanket in the trash.
I never lie—-I—
April Fool!
Myra Cohn Livingston

April Fool's Day

Mackenzie put a whoopie cushion
on the teacher's chair.
Makayla told the teacher
that a bug was in her hair.

Alyssa brought an apple
with a purple gummy worm
and gave it to the teacher
just to see if she would squirm.

Elijah left a piece of plastic
dog doo on the floor,
and Vincent put some plastic vomit
in the teacher's drawer.

Amanda put a goldfish
in the teacher's drinking glass.
These April Fool's Day pranks
are ones that you could use in class.

Before you go and try them, though,
there's something I should mention:
The teacher wasn't fooling
when she put us in detention.
--Kenn Nesbitt

April Fool's Day

( Acrostic )

All fools day put a spring in your step
Play a trick or two
Riddle and joke galore
In jovial madness try to mislead the jester
Let’s put on a mask an masquerade as a clown
Foolish fun and pranks
On the First day of April
One of many traditions
Laughter, the best medicine on a day
Surrounded by an enigma
Did you play a prank today?
And laugh because it was comical, then
Yell “you’re a fool, you’re a fool”

April Fool

A snowfall came on April first.
After the buds were out.
The pussy willows shook their heads,
It made the crocus pout.
The bluebirds hopped from branch to branch,
But never stopped their song;
They knew the snow was just a joke,
And couldn't stay there long!
Copyright by Inez George Gridley

First Day of April

On the first day of April if someone should say,
«I'll give you a monster, a basket of hay,
a ride in a rocket, and ten games to play,» just laugh and remember…
Copyright by Vivian Gouled

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Here are some more wonderful April Fool's Day poems to mark the day and to make you happy and pleased.

April Fools Day

I've been known to act like a fool,
not just once but a time or two.
So April Fools Day suits me to a T
It's a special holiday made just for me!
Author: Nancy Hughes

*** *** ***

April Fool’s Day is here.
It is a day of fun.
If you are really clever.
You can fool someone!

Or someone may come
and tell a word to you.
And you may say
“Oh, no! Oh, no!”

But then they look at you
With a sly grin.
And that is when
Their fun begins!

“April’s fool!” they shout.
And then they laugh at you.
It is so much fun.
And you laugh too!
Author unknown

*** *** ***

Apri Fool's Day

When it's April Fools Day, you
better beware. There's so many
pranksters, lurking out there.
They're waiting to bait you, with
stories so bold. To see your
expression, on what you were
told. If they get a reaction, they'll
consider you real cool. They'll
blurt out and say...April Fool!
Through the course of the day,
you can be sure others, will be
ready to pounce on you. Be a
good sport and have a retort,
enjoy the moment too!
Author unknown

*** *** ***

April fool's day on
a Good Friday seems
a black joke. Darkness
hangs over the face
of the fool three hours.
The fool hangs. We face
our own darkness, bad
thoughts of the times, God
abandoned, the joke
gone sour in conse-
quence of our folly.
by Brian Louis Pearce

*** *** ***

A snowfall came on April first.

After the buds were out.
The pussy willows shook their heads,
It made the crocus pout.
The bluebirds hopped from branch to branch,
But never stopped their song;
They knew the snow was just a joke,
And couldn't stay there long!
by Inez George Gridley

*** *** ***

The fools of April early rise
To better share their silly lies
They don their finest fooling clothes
And start to spread their prankish prose
The fools of April love to jape
No barrel bottom won’t they scrape
There’s not a joke for miles round
The fools won’t beat into the ground
April’s fools play silly tricks
But they can eat a bag of dicks
Mark me, fellows, here’s the crux
These fools are fucking stupid schmucks
Every year the same lame jokes
April’s fools are fucking mokes
How to end it? Here’s an answer
Let them all get anal cancer
Or better still, some rare disease
That makes their balls fall past their knees
I wish the worst upon these tools
Who think that they are April’s fools

*** *** ***

April fool, April fool,
April fool today.
You fool me and I fool you,
Then we laugh and say –
April fool, April fool!
It’s so fun to play.
You fool me and I fool you.
That’s how we play today.
By ~ Anonymous
More April Fool's Day poems:

A friend of mine I thought was cool
Just called me an “April Fool”.

“That isn’t fair,” I said when we talked,
But he tried to trip me as we walked.

He said he’d eaten dog food and now he was sick.
I didn’t know if he was pulling a trick.

And I don’t know how he got a mousetrap,
But he threw it down and it slammed with a “Snap!”

He wanted me to join in his pranks,
But I frowned at him and said, “No, thanks.”

“Come on, I’ll show you,” he eagerly beckoned,
But he’s the fool, it’s April the second.

*** *** ***

April fool's day
April fool’s day isn’t very funny this year.
It is snowing hard in April, piling high, I fear.
Clearly winter doesn’t want to say good bye.
Spring is backing off, hiding somewhere, shy.
So the snow keeps on falling, falling all around.
The birds are not singing and there is no sound.
Except for plows going up and down the street.
While snowed in, spring is only a dream so sweet.
by Heidi Sands

April fool’s day

Schemes and plans are being made
Untruthful things are being said
All sorts of mischief everywhere
Hoping others can be misled
A whoopee cushion here and there
Some fake teeth; just a few
A stressful phone call for mum
Some great acting skills from you
Toothpaste in the shampoo bottle
Foam everywhere in the bed
Glue trapped all over her hair
And marker all over his forehead
Schemes and plans are being made
Untruthful things are being said
Beware, beware this April fools
Before you are the one to be misled
by Marinela Reka
The history of April Fool's Day or All Fool's Day is uncertain and somewhat confusing say Will and Guy.

The first of April, some do say,
Is set apart for All Fools' Day.
But why the people call it so,
Nor I, nor they themselves do know.
But on this day are people sent
On purpose for pure merriment.

An April Fool Song
April Fool
Three examples of the men of Gotham's fake stupidity are immortalised in this song — the words and music are from Colin Reece.

In this picture we can see the «fool» built a fence around the bird to keep it inside!

The cuckoo flew high in the clear summer sky and in the Gotham town bush he did land
He sung a beautiful song and so before very long just how to keep him there the villagers planned
Oh it seemed all good sense for to build round a fence
Oh I swear that I tell you the truth
One last cuckoo he gave and then the bird flew away
For what good's a cage without any roof.

Chorus: Oh you stupid, you foolish, you madmen of Gotham
What next will you simpletons do?
Oh you stupid, you foolish, you madmen of Gotham
But the last laugh will never be on you.

The rider took his old horse down to the water, of course, to take a drink was all he wanted to do
And when the moon disappeared behind a cloud it was clear that the reflection in the pond would go too
«Oh you've swallowed the moon you stupid four legged loon»
Oh how the idiot sorely did shout
And then he split poor Ned from his behind to his head
On the assumption that the moon would fall out.


Off to market one day with two bushels of hay the horse and master set off from the farm
But the horse was too old to carry such a great load and so the farmer tucked them under his arms
«Oh it's too long a road for me to carry this load»
And then the farmer sat and thought with a frown
And then still clutching the sacks he climbed up on the horses back
And rode the poor nag into the ground.
These April Fool's Day poems got my attention:

April Fool's Day
by Will E. Cowles.

Talk about yer Chris'masses
Fourth o' Julys and cirkusses—
They ain't in it for the real fun
That's to be had on April one;
Even Hallowe'en is very tame
To April first—that is 'f yer game.

I think that April first must be
Ind'pendence Day fer kids like me,
When we kin play all sorts of jokes
And not be punished by our folks—
Though pa, he says, in a threat'nin' way:
«Bill, no nonsense from you today!»

When Jim's pants legs are found sewed up;
When ma of coffee takes a sup
And finds the sugar tastes like salt—
I say, quite inn'cent, «Taint my fault.»
They frown and say, half-scold, half-laugh,
«This here is some of Willie's chaff.»

The teacher has her troubles too
(You know what mischeevous boys can do).
But when I hollered «April Fool!»
She kept me in long after school.
I didn't care much for I knew
She wasn't game—like me or you.

Say, you look as though you might
Know how a boy 'd feel at night,
As though a big day's work was done,
And how h'd fooled 'em all—'cept one—
For pa, he'd said to me, one side,
«Don't ye fool Me, 'r I'll tan yer hide!»

*** *** ***

An April Joke
by Carolyn Wells

Oh, it was a merry, gladsome day,
When the April Fool met the Queen of May;
She had roguish eyes and golden hair,
And they were a mischief-making pair.
They planned the funniest kind of a joke
On the poor, long-suffering mortal folk;
And a few mysterious words he said,
His fool's cap close to her flower-crowned head.
Then he laughed till he made his cap-bells ring,
At the thought of the topsy-turvy Spring.
"'Tis a fair exchange," he said, with a wink--
«It is!» she said, and what do you think?
The flowers that should bloom in the month of May
Every one of them came on an April day!
And they looked for April showers in vain,
But all through May it did nothing but rain!

Here are some rhymes for April Fool’s:

April Fool’s, go to school,
Tell your teacher she’s a fool!

April Fool’s a-coming and
You’re the biggest fool a-running!

April fool has come and gone and
You’re the biggest fool alone!
… more poems about April fool's day:

April Fools' Day

April arrived
with a message on my desk
'Call Mr. Lyon—
Urgent!!! '

I dialed the number
'Sorry Mr. Lion can't come to the phone right now
He is in the CAGE! '

Before I could put down my phone
her irrepressible laugh jumped out of the line
and bit off my ear, splashing blood
all over my face

It then attacked my innocent officemate
I stood by helplessly and watched him
roll about and eventually die
of laughter

April Fools

A lways will I remember this day
P riceless memories are here to stay
R euniting with you
I ncredible and true
L ove and laughter will light our way

F oolish to think we could be apart
O nly you has possession of my heart
O bviously your mine
L avishly entwined
S ealed to each other, never to depart

It's April Fools Today

My Daddy played a trick on me
When I was just a tike
Asleep; I was in dreamland town
A 'riding on my bike

And suddenly! I hear a noise
A clanging sound it seems
It was my Dad with pots in hand
He's banging on the beams

He's shouting out «Wake up!, Wake up!
We're getting in the ride
It's time to go, no time to waste
We've got to get outside!

There's bees in here, they're everywhere
They're stinging all they see
Get in those clothes, hitch up your boots
It's time for us to flee!»

So up I jump, still in a daze
What happened to my bike?
Where are my clothes, can't find my boots
Oh my — this I don't like

We run outside; «Hey! Where's the car?
Dad woke us up you know
Those bees in there will sting for sure
It's time for us to go!»

My Dad's outside with teary eyes
From laughing all the way
He turns to us and with a grin
«It's April Fools today!»
Copyright © Neva Romaine | Year Posted 2015

About April

Oh, April, thou art fickle;
We know why April Fools
Belongs to you.

Tornadic surprises, and yet
While our feet are getting wet;
Colors burst into natural umbrellas.

Oh, April, thou art fickle;
You stand in front of Winter man,
And dare his sneaky return plan.

We’ll take your interim joy between
‘Til May’s maturity of spring
Weds itself to summer.
Copyright © Sunlite Wanter | Year Posted 2016

Myra Cohn Livingston

The maple syrup’s full of ants.
A mouse is creeping on the shelf.
Is that a spider on your back?
I ate the whole pie by myself.
The kitchen sink just overflowed.
A flash flood washed away the school.
I threw your blanket in the trash.
I never lie—-I—
April Fool!
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