Poetry for Children. School Life in Poems

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This poetry for children page has compiled a number of inspiring poems and verses telling us that school is a happy and fun place to be.

School Life in Poems

Poetry for Children. School Life in Poems


by ZaKyr Davis

School can be fun,
School can be boring,
School bring friends,
School bring enemies,
School can bring rules,
But do you break them.
School brings bullies,
School brings work,
School brings cheating,
School you learn a new thing or two,
School you try your best,
School you never give up the test,
School have teachers you might like or hate,
School where you meet people new and old.
But education is most important choice of all.
Don't you agree?

School- My Palace

by Shivani Pillai

For me school is a palace,
with teachers excelling in solace,
School is a sapling of wisdom and wealth,
known for not burdening us to death,
It is a place of fun, frolic and fiesta,
along with anger, enemity and siesta,
A school is a temple of learning,
the beginning of man's earning,
A school is like a kaliedoscope of exploring,
which set Einstein and Curie pondering,
It is the hub of future excellences,
with a wide variety of references,
It is a house where Friends and teachers meet,
making the atmosphere full of excitement and discreet,
School is always the best,
for the present and future to rest.

Welcome Back To School

by Anthony Shurland Phillander

Welcome back to school
Summer's over and once again school rules
It's now September a long way from June
Glad to have you welcome back to school

Let's get down to business
You have had your fun
Summer vacation is now long gone
Now it's time to learn

Welcome back to school
Learn prepare to take command of your world
Put control of your future in your hands
It's good to welcome you back to school

We are going to make learning fun
With that in mind we have updated our curriculum
Don't look so serious show some enthusiasm
All together now are we ready are we ready to learn

Welcome, welcome, welcome
Welcome back to school.


by Harshit Sheth

School means learning,
school means effort,
but what is life,
without a school???

school is home
away from home,
school is fun,
with everyone…

school is school,
start at 7,
finish at 1,
6 hours full of fun…
— Harshit Sheth


by Mary Simonson

waking up for school,
getting to school going to school,
I used to think school was
Just for fools and friends…
But if you look at it now
It aint just for that
It helps you...and when I
say help I mean helps you
reach your goals…
And for the one's that dropped
out...bad idea
Cause now you don't have an
education...so come on all
you dropp outs go back to
school and make something
better of yourself.

School Is Fun

by Supriya Prathapan

School is fun
In the playground, we play and run
School is fun
In the classroom, we study and learn

School is fun
During the morning assembly, we exercise under the sun
School is fun
During the lunch break, we have bread and bun

School is fun
Here the teachers are kind to everyone
School is fun,
Even though there is much work to be done.

Mummy, Mummy Who Invented School?

by Raj Arumugam

mummy, mummy,
who invented school?

oh, sweetheart,
what a clever girl you are;
why don’t you tell me first
who you think invented school?

I think, mummy,
school must have been invented
it must be by people
like old grumpy Uncle Grim
next door;
and the grouchy Aunty Scowl
who lives behind our house

oh no, darling,
oh no, not at all:
O darling,
wise men and women
of the past
they invented school

oh, mummy,
they couldn’t
have been wise
not if you went to school
and see what happens in class;
surely those men and women
of the past
couldn’t have been wise
if they created places
where little kids are tested
every three days;
and little John thinks he’s stupid
and little Sue says she’d rather
stay at home and sleep;
and Tua and Helen are always
tense and nervous
and Chandra snores while the teacher talks

oh no — oh, no darling,
oh no,
it’s not like that at all:
O darling,
they were wise and all-knowing
sage men and women
of the past
who invented school
so little children like you and your friends
can go and learn all you need to know

but why mummy,
why a school?
is it because daddy and you
and grandma and grandpa
you know nothing and
you can’t teach me
what I need to know?

oh, no darling,
oh no not at all;
O darling,
you must listen to mummy —
wise men and women
of the past
most certainly
they invented school

A School Is So Not Cool

by Fahed Sharaf

School, School, School,
A school is not cool
We're here 5 days a week
8 hours a day.
School, School, School,
A school is not cool.
People laugh when we fall
we just have to make a call.
School, School, School
A school is not cool.
We have to work hard to get good grades
I'm not going to do it no more
I do it every day.
We can’t go on the grass
We can’t bother another class
We can’t save spots at lunch
We have to go as a bunch.
We have 3 minutes in the hall
I'm always late what a ball.
We have to pay attention
if not we get detention.
School, School, School,
A school is not cool.
They have too many rules
they play us as fools
if we get A's
the parents jump Hip Hip Hooray.
If we get F's
we tell them we need to take a rest.
We always have homework
we never have class work
they have to many rules
they need to take it cool.
School, School, School,
A school is so not cool!

Poetry for Children. School Life in Poems

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