Earth Day Poetry for Kids. Hug the Earth with Children's Hands

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We ought to teach our chldren to love, to value and to protect the earth. Kids ought to imagine the creatures there, all the faintest motions of the wind, the beauty of rain and snow. They ought to recollect the glare of noon and all the colors of the dawn and dusk. This selection of poems will try to describe the beauty of the earth in poetry. I hope children can use them at home, in their classroom or their daycare to help them celebrate Earth Day.

Earth Day poetry for kids

Earth Day Poetry for Kids. Hug the Earth with Children's Hands

When Is Earth Day?

by Becca

The earth is circling out in space
Round and round it drifts in place.
We take for granted the special state
That shapes our days and defines our fate.
We never notice in our day to day
How things stay put and don't float away.

Let's stop and realize how lucky we are
To have this place among the stars.
Where food grows freely and there's water to drink.
It flows from the rivers straight to our sinks.
So, for anyone who has to ask, 'When is Earth Day?'
I think it's easy to say that it's each and every day!

Earth Day Poetry for Kids. Hug the Earth with Children's Hands

Day and Night

by James Stephens

When the bright eyes of the day
Open on the dusk, to see
Mist and shadow fade away
And the sun shine merrily,
Then I leave my bed and run
Out to frolic in the sun.

Through the sunny hours I play
Where the stream is wandering,
Plucking daisies by the way;
And I laugh and dance and sing,
While the birds fly here and there
Singing on the sunny air.

When the night comes, cold and slow,
And the sad moon walks the sky;
When the whispering wind says «Boh,
Little boy!» and makes me cry,
By my mother I am led
Home again and put to bed.

The Earth

by James McDonald

Round and blue
And just for you
I spin around the sun

Take care of me
And you will see
That we'll have lots of fun


by Harry Behn

Trees are the kindest things I know,
They do no harm, they simply grow
And spread a shade for sleepy cows,
And gather birds among their bows.

They give us fruit in leaves above,
And wood to make our houses of,
And leaves to burn on Halloween
And in the Spring new buds of green.

They are first when day's begun
To tough the beams of morning sun,
They are the last to hold the light
When evening changes into night.

And when a moon floats on the sky
They hum a drowsy lullaby
Of sleepy children long ago…
Trees are the kindest things I know.

Free The Earth

by Becca

Imaginary lines upon the earth
That define our borders and human worth,
But only found on paper maps.
We build our cages and set our traps.

All humans have a right to roam
To find a place and call it home.
Erase the lines and make it free
There's plenty of room for both you and me!

When I Rise Up

by Georgia Douglas Johnson

When I rise up above the earth,
And look down on the things that fetter me,
I beat my wings upon the air,
Or tranquil lie,
Surge after surge of potent strength
Like incense comes to me
When I rise up above the earth
And look down upon the things that fetter me.

The Spinning Earth

by Ailleen Fisher

The earth, they say,
spins round and round.
It doesn't look it
from the ground,
and never makes
a spinning sound.

And water never
swirls and swishes
from oceans full
of dizzy fishes,
and shelves don't lose
their pans and dishes.

And houses don't go whirling by,
or puppies swirl around the sky,
or robins spin instead of fly.

It may be true
What people say
about one spinning
night and day…
but I keep wondering, anyway.

Little Wind

by Kate Greenaway

Little wind, blow on the hill-top,
Little wind, blow down the plain;
Little wind, blow up the sunshine,
Little wind, blow off the rain.

Spaceship Earth

by Becca

We ride this living ship
Through black of space.
Blue, green and white
We determine our place.

Our living ship is made to thrive
Positioned perfectly to keep us alive.
Let's keep it healthy and keep it strong.
For drifting without it, we wouldn't live long.

Can Earth Be Earth?

By Garvit

Can earth be Earth when all its trees are gone,
And sudsy waters have become unfit,
And poisoned life no longer greets the dawn
With raucous sounds that death has caused to quit?
Will trees no longer wave, with limbs unfurled,
On hapless earth, that ever in orbit roams?
Will human ego sacrifice the world
To satiate its lust for pompous homes?
Will distant space look down on orb that's bald.
I now can hear the mother say,
«I was once called Earth.
But now, bereft of mirth, I weep.
That treeless orb's no longer Earth.»

Make It Green

by Avani Desai

Lives are crying because it's not clean.
Earth is dying because it's not green…

Earth is our dear Mother; don't pollute it.
She gives us food and shelter; just salute it…

With Global Warming, it's in danger.
Let's save it by becoming a strong ranger…

With dying trees and animals, it's in sorrow.
Make green today and green tomorrow…

With melting snow, one day it will sink.
How can we save it? Just think…

Trees are precious, preserve them.
Water is a treasure, reserve it…

Grow more trees; make Mother Earth green.
Reduce pollution and make her a Queen…

Mother Earth's Gifts

By Kelly Roper

Mother Earth gives her gifts for all to share,
She gives them freely, yet she's still aware,
That things are changing, perhaps for the worse.
How much more can she give if our future is cursed?

It's way past time to put Mother Earth first,
To clean up the water before we all thirst,
To clean up the air before our lungs sicken,
To renew the soil and feel it quicken.

How long until the point of no return?
How much longer until we all finally learn,
That to this task we all must rise.
And stop abusing Mother Earth before she dies.

Teach Your Children

Little boy with mother holding seedling
By Kelly Roper

Teach your children to appreciate the planet.
Bring home a seedling and help them plant it.

Teach your children to conserve the trees.
Going paperless these days is a breeze.

Teach your children to respect the earth.
Recycle throw-aways into something of worth.

Teach your children to care for God's creatures.
Set up a birdbath, a feeder, and other features.

Teach your children we're in this together.
We must try to help our planet last forever.

The Earth Is Wet

by Karla Kuskin

The earth is wet.
The sky is gray.
It looks like it
Will rain all day.

Everyday Is Earth Day

By Kelly Roper

Every day is earth day,
Or at least it should be.
We should take steps every day
to save our planet, don't you agree?

Try walking when it's practical,
And skip driving a car.
It will help cut down emissions
And raise air quality by far.

Reuse, renew, recycle,
Think of how much you throw away.
Our earth can only hold so much trash,
One day there'll be the devil to pay.

And when it comes to littering,
It's not enough to clean up after yourself.
Leave places better than you find them,
And pick up litter left by someone else.

Don't spray your garden with pesticides,
Protect the birds and the bees.
Choose natural ways of deterring pests,
That won't carry poisons in the breeze.

These are easy things we all can do,
To protect the earth for future generations.
If we continue to ignore all the warning signs,
We'll face sad and irreversible ramifications.

A Minor Bird

by Robert Frost

I have wished a bird would fly away,
And not sing by my house all day;

Have clapped my hands at him from the door
When it seemed as if I could bear no more.

The fault must partly have been in me.
The bird was not to blame for his key.

And of course there must be something wrong
In wanting to silence any song.

It's Your Earth

By Kelly Roper

It's your earth.
Will you neglect it,
Or nurture it?
Will you tend it,
Or squander it away?
The choice is yours,
But if you're going
To make a stand,
You'd better start today.

Our Earth

The Earth is ours to enjoy
For every little girl and boy.
But we must always be aware.
That all its beauty we must share
With all the children yet to come,
Who want to laugh and play and run
Around the trees and in the fields.

So we must keep our planet free
From messy trash and debris
With air that’s clean and fresh and clear
For all to breathe from year to year.
We must never ever abuse
Our sweet Earth that’s ours to use.

Earth Day Poetry for Kids. Hug the Earth with Children's Hands

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