Art lessons for kids. Short Valentine Verses - Messages of Love for Friends and Family

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These short Valentine verses are sent to the very special and important people in your life, whom you admire and hold dear — friends and family. The poems express love, tenderness and appreciation, they tell your friends and family members how you value and care for them.

Short Valentine Poems — Messages of Love on Valentine`s Day

Art lessons for kids. Short Valentine Verses - Messages of Love for Friends and Family

Valentine Friend

A Valentine friend is someone you choose
To share your life with you,
Someone who is always there,
Whether you’re happy or blue.

With a Valentine friend, you can be yourself
You don’t need to pretend;
When you’re careful to choose a compatible match,
You create a perfect blend.

With you for my special Valentine friend,
My life is full and bright;
You bring contentment, joy and peace;
You’re my Valentine delight!
By Joanna Fuchs

I Treasure You

On Valentine's Day, I think of you
With pleasure and delight;
You always know just what to do
To fill my life with light.

You lift me to my highest peak,
With kindness, warmth and care.
I'm filled with peace each time you speak,
Just knowing you are there.

That is why, my Valentine,
I'm sending this today,
To let you know I treasure you
More than I can say.
By Joanna Fuchs

Valentine Gem

Valentine, you are a gem;
You fill my life with joy and pleasure;
With all you give and all you do,
You're a very special treasure.

I really like the person you are;
You're a class act, in every way;
I care about you, and I hope you have
A very happy Valentine's Day!
By Joanna Fuchs

*** *** ***

Thoughts of affection fill my mind
Wen Valentine's Day is near;

I think about my closest friends,
Those who are most dear.

& on that special Valentine list,
U're at the top, my friend.

I luv u, & I know for sure,
Our friendship will never end!

*** *** ***

A friend is like a Valentine
She has a loving heart.

U share wid her ur feelings;
Her listening is an art.

A friend is like a Valentine;
Like candy, she is sweet.

& that description fits u, friend;
U make my life complete!

Art lessons for kids. Short Valentine Verses - Messages of Love for Friends and Family

A Valentine's Day Poem

My heart has chosen you,
On this magical day of love-
To share and dwell upon,
The beauty of its touch
How sweet and blissful is,
The humming of its song-
The wonders that it brings
I, knowing you're the one
It has invited me
Into its world of inspirational dreams-
A place called paradise,
Where love and laughter sings
My heart has chosen you
And my soul agrees as well
You are the splendid light
Of true loves magical spell…
Maria I. Carmona

*** *** ***

On the feast day of Saint Valentine,
we give thanks for all the love in our lives.
I am so grateful to have your friendship
and to know that you’ll always be there.
Here’s wishing you every happiness,
and all the love in the world.
Happy Valentine’s Day!

You've Touched My Heart

You've given me a reason
For smiling once again,
You've filled my life with peaceful dreams
and you've become my closest friend.

You've shared your heartfelt secrets
And your trust you've given me,
You showed me how to feel again
To laugh, and love, and see.

If life should end tomorrow
And from this world I should part,
I shall be forever young
For you have touched my heart

Valentines Day

Valentines is very near
Balloons, bears, and candy grahams.
Red, Black, Pink, and White
Are the colors that girls really like.
Roses can be red and violets can be blue.
What else can they prove to you
how much they love you
On this Valentines Day!

A Friend Is Like A Valentine

A friend is like a Valentine,
Heartwarming, bringing pleasure,
Connected to good feelings,
With memories to treasure.

Seeing a special Valentine
Brings happiness to stay,
And that’s what you do, friend,
You brighten every day!
By Joanna Fuchs

Art lessons for kids. Short Valentine Verses - Messages of Love for Friends and Family

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Confession to a friend on Valentine's Day.

Five Valentines

Five cheerful valentines from the ten cent store-
I sent one to ____________; now I have four.
Four cheerful valentines, pretty ones to see-
I gave one to ____________; now I have three.
Three cheerful valentines with flowers pink and blue-
I gave one to ____________; now I have two.
Two cheerful valentines-my story’s almost done.
I gave one to ______________; now I have one.
One cheerful valentine-one and only one-
I gave it to _______________; now I have none.

(Insert a child’s name in each blank space.)

*** *** ***

Five Little Valentines

One little valentine said, “I love you.”
Tommy made another; then there were two
Two little valentines, one for me;
Mary made another; then there were three.
Three little valentines said, “We need more.”
Johnny made another; then there were four
Four little valentines, one more to arrive;
Susan made another; then there were five.
Five little valentines, all ready to say.
“Be my valentine on this happy day.”

*** *** ***

It’s Valentine’s Day!

It’s Valentine’s Day!
You know what that means?
Hugs and kisses and lots of candy!
Exchange Valentine’s Day cards
in class at school
and getting many back,
hey, that’s pretty cool!

It’s Valentine’s Day!
The day of love
because of that cupid guy
shooting arrows from above.
So let’s sit back and have fun
While we smile and cheer

Happy Valentine’s Day!
The candy rush is near!

*** *** ***

I Love…

I love Daddy, my first Valentine.
I love Mommy because she made Daddy mine.
I love Brother because I’m supposed to.
I love Sister because she’s who I’m close to.
I love Grandma because she gives the best hugs.
I love Grandpa because he calls me bug!

*** *** ***

My Valentine Heart

When I say I love you
(Point to lips)
It comes from my heart
(Hand on heart)
You hear it in your ear
(Point to ear)
And it sounds very smart
(Point to head)
I love it when you’re proud of me
(Stand very tall)
You say it all day long
(Stretch arms wide)
And when I hear you say it
(Point to ear)
My heart sings a merry song
(Hand on heart)

*** *** ***

Friends Forever

Are we friends,
Are we not.
You told me once, but I forgot.
So tell me now and tell me true,
So I can say I'm here for you.
And if I die before you do,
I'll go to heaven and wait for you.
I'll give the angels back their wings,
And risk the loss of everything.
Just to prove my friendship is true,
Just to have a friend like you.
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