Art lessons for kids. Poems about Christmas

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Christmas is so wonderful, so long-expected! And it`s here! We can make the world shine bright, we can play in the snow under the mistletoe, we can learn new Christmas poems. Learn with us! This art lesson is for you, dear kids.

Famous poems for kids.

Christmas is here
Christmas is here
Christmas we waited
All this year.

Christmas is joy
Christmas is joy
Under the tree
Is an all new toy.

Christmas is hope
Christmas is hope
Let us all skip
The spinning rope.

Christmas is peace
Christmas is peace
It always comes
With amazing grace.

Christmas is light
Christmas is light
Streets and homes are
Shiny and bright.

Christmas is here
Christmas is here
Bringing everybody
Near and dear.

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Poems about Christmas!!! I like this

Christmas is coming!

Christmas is coming
And I really can’t wait
Days til Christmas
Santa won’t be late

I’ve hung up my stocking,
Put up the tree
Sent my cards
And written my plea

Rudolph is ready
To pull the sleigh
His nose shining red
To light the way

The presents are made,
Wrapped and packed
To go under the tree
All neatly stacked

All the kids faces
Happy and bright
Going to bed early
On Christmas Eve night

Poems about Christmas

and this

Hurry Christmas! How you creep,
I’ve some presents I can’t keep,
Just this morning I forgot,
And told baby what I’d bought.
All he answered was, “Goo goo!”
So I don’t think that he knew,
I told mamma hers was white,
And she’d wear it every night.
That she’d need it getting tea.
Then my mamma smiled at me,
And she whispered, “Isn’t May
Letting secrets fly away?”
Christmas poems are so exciting — we love them like we love the holiday itself, don`t you?

A Christmas Wish for All My Friends
By Winifred Sackville Stoner Jr.

While Christmas bells are chiming, oh, may there come to you
A dear little fairy, who's always good and true;
The little happy fairy, who drives away dull care,
And makes all things upon the earth seem ever bright and fair.

She'll whisper to good Santa to bring what you most wish;
So if you have been longing for a fine pudding dish,
She will not, as in by-gone years, forget and bring to you
Something that you do not want, though beautiful and new.
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