Art for children. Christmas poems

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Gorgeous holiday is approaching with its merry fairy tales, unforgettable poems and gifts. All of us are charmed with its fabulous glamor — art for children: Christmas poems, verses and songs stenghten this wonderful feeling. We love, memorize and recite them with great pleasure. Here are some Christmas poems for you to enjoy.

Verses for kids. Merry Christmas To All of You!

I see rhyme
At Christmas time
I hear Christmas
Bells that chime
I'll taste buckets
Of mulled wine
I see rhyme
At Christmas time

My heart lifts
On Christmas Day
Getting gifts
From Santa's sleigh
Excited kids
'Hooray' they'll say'
My heart lifts
On Christmas Day

Ply myself
With Christmas zeal
Drink good health
Prepare the meal
Greatest wealth
The love we feel
Ply myself
with Christmas zeal

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Christmas poems for kids! Very nice!

Christmas is a very happy time

Everybody knows, that Christmas
Is a very happy time,
Snowflakes are playing with us
Giving us a chance to smile.

Santa Claus is coming over,
Bringing gifts and smell of sweets,
He’s a good old fellow rover,
Perfect friend for little kids.
! like reading Christmas poetry. Will you join me?


author unknown

With all the children, far and near,
Today we'll sing a song of cheer!
To rosy lips and eyes, so merry,
We'll all kiss under the holly berry;
And for the sake of the small and gay
We'll be children also for to-day.
New Year's here:

A New Year

A new year has begun
January is month number one.
It is the start of a whole new year,
There’s nothing to fear
A new year for trying
not for sighing
What goals can you make,
for your own sake,
For a better you,
for a year that is new!
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