How to Make Origami for Kids Step by Step: Paper Moving Hare

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How to make origami for kids step by step. We'd like to present you with detailed step by step instructions of making a playful hare. And hope you'll get interested in creating it with your own hands as it's not complicated for engaged origami lovers.

Paper Moving Hare

How to Make Origami for Kids Step by Step: Paper Moving Hare

These playful origami hares can move: in your hands they can make a curtsy, straighten the back, bow the head and press the mouse to the juicy grass.

To make such a lovely origami animal you'll need a square sheet of paper.

1. A paper sheet is folded in half diagonally, then once more in half.

2. Then each «wing» of the resulting triangle is folded in half outward.

3. Take a triangle in the hands so that «the pockets» with the tops A, B, C can turn out up and the obtuse angle — right below.

4. The tops A and B are folded back, as shown in the picture, making the triangles with right angles down on the both sides. The middle top C remains motionless.

5. Then the tops A and B are folded in half outward, making the workpieces of «ears».

6. Top C is folded inside.

7. The edge of top C is divided in two parts and «clasped» «the ears». The left angle is bended in for the tail.

8. Expand and flatten «the ears» and turn the acute edge of «the nose». Then flatten the muzzle and form 2 creases on the edges of «the nose».

9. Lift the tail up and make the creases on the body sides (up and down).

10. Lower the tail slightly making one more crease. Bend the front legs out.

Paper Moving Hare is ready.

How to Make Origami for Kids Step by Step: Paper Moving Hare

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Here's a simple scheme for a cute hare, it doesn't move but very nice:

origami hare
Join the parts and you'll have a funny hare:

You'll make a cute origami hare if you follow these instructions:

origami hare

origami hare

origami hare
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