How to Make Oprigami Kitten for Kids

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Let's consider 3 varients of how to make simple origami for kids — paper Kitten. We'll learn how to make kittens in different poses, with different turnings of the head and body. Give your kids paper of different colors. Beforehand you may color the paper with spots or stripes to look like the kitten's fur.

Oprigami Kitten

How to Make Oprigami Kitten for Kids

Variant 1 — Position in Profile

To make the kitten in the position in profile, we'll need two squares of the same color but different in size. We'll need colored paper scraps too.

We'll make the head from the smaller square. First divide the square diagonally in half. Take the made figure with its fold in the left hand. Fold the acute angles inside leaving their ends — the kitten's ears. Further bend down the end of the lower angle. On this base glue large green eyes and a pink or red triangle nose. Cut and glue the stripes of the kitten's whiskers. The kitten's head is ready.

Now we'll make its body. Fold the second square diagonally in half on both sides and place the made figure with the bent sides and the middle angle up. Direct bias forward the upper angle by the fold inside. Mark the places for the cutting of the leg and the line of the belly in the lower part. Then connect the head with the body, cut and fix the tail. You may do the kitten walking: for this fold the reverse end of the leg forward and the forward end conversely — back.

How to Make Oprigami Kitten for Kids

Variant 2

With this method we'll make a sitting kitten in profile with the head turning forward. This variant is like the first one, the difference is in modelling of the legs: cut the triangles for the legs and make the incision on the forward bend. Fix the tail between the bent angles of the kitten's rear part. Insert and fix the acute angle in the middle of the body.

Varient 3

Learn to make a sitting kitten. First fold the square in half diagonally, then from the lower angle bend the 2 opposite sides to the diagonal. Further, close them inside by the central bend. Fold forward the acute angle so as to put it to the right side together with thу angle and the right side outside. This will help to make the kitten's forward legs and the head. Fold inside the lower acute angle, fold on the sides the ears like a crease. Fold back the frontal part and insert the crease of the tail and its end. Glue the green eyes, nose and whiskers.

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