Halloween Papercraft - an Origami BLACK CAT

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One of the most beautiful holidays of the year is Halloween. The holiday is marked in every family and everyone tries to make it special and irresistible. Family members decorate their homes with glamorous things bought in stores and at the markets; craftmakers think of the unusual and surprising craft objects. We advise you to make an origami craft from paper a BLACK CAT which will help to create a holiday atmosphere. Black cats along with a pumpkin, ghosts and skeletons are a symbol of this interesting holiday. The craft is simple in making and doesn`t need special skills. If your child can`t fold an accordion, ask him to glue the eyes, nose and ears.



— black double-sided paper from a set of colored paper,
— thick paper or cardboard of black, orange and white colors for the eyes, nose, ears and mouth,
— glue for paper and scissors

How to Make:

1. Print the template of the CAT and the instruction in pictures.
The template of the craft «Cat» download

2. Then cut a strip of black color and fold it accordion style with a segmentation of 5 mm.

3. From an accordion twist a circle and glue.

4. Glue the eyes, ears, nose and mouth with teeth.

Halloween Papercraft - an Origami BLACK CAT

You can hang such a cat on the tape in your room, glue on a card, give it to relatives or friends or decorate your festive table.

Halloween Papercraft - an Origami BLACK CAT

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