Easy Origami for Elementary Schoolchildren. Autumn Leaves

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Easy origami for schoolchildren. We hope the given origami samples of autumn crafts for kids will interest not only parents and educators but also the children loving creating origami things. The given collection will show schoolchildren how to make origami leaves.

Origami Autumn Leaves

Maple Leaves

Version 1

Easy Origami for Elementary Schoolchildren. Autumn Leaves


— colored paper (yellow, orrange, red),
— ruler, scisssors,
— glue, pencil.


1. Take one paper sheet, cut it into 10 equal parts. 9 parts will be used for making leaves, one part — for a stem. The craft size will depend on the original format of paper. For an unusual seasonal bouquet, it's better to use workpieces of various sizes.

2. Take a paper sheet and using a ruler, bend it in two, connecting the opposite angles. You'll make a triangle. Smooth out the fold carefully.

3. Unfold the triangle in full. In a made square bend one side towards the bending line. Then bend the second. For a one maple leaf it's needed 3 such elements and 6 more complicated ones.

4. The complicated part is made on the base of a simple one. After you've folded 2 opposite sides to the middle, turn over the workpiece on 180 deg. Bend in the same succession the 2 left sides.

5. Now assemble the maple leaf. Take one simple element and 2 complicated ones. Connect the complicated parts in the place of bending sides. On top of them glue a simple part. Thus, you've made 3 basic elements. Glue them together overlap.

6. Make a stem now. On the base part of the leaf basis, glue the left square its angle up so that its half could be seen. Cut the sides along the leaf contour, but don't cut to the end. Fold a stem from the made «tail», putting the angles one onto the other.

Version 2

Easy Origami for Elementary Schoolchildren. Autumn Leaves

Elementary schoolchildren are fond of working with glue and scissors. So this kind of maple leaf will appeal to them and they'll do it with great diligence. Prepare paper of different autumn colors, crayons, glue and scissors.

To make a beautiful maple leaf, cut out such a template from cardboard:

Easy Origami for Elementary Schoolchildren. Autumn Leaves

If children can't draw such a template, adults can do it without any difficulty and help children to cut it out.

Then fold a colored paper sheet in two. Place a template on it to the bending line, outline it along the contour and cut out. You'll have a workpiece with symmetrical sides. Fold the paper accordion style beginning on the wide side. Then fold the workpiece in half, joining the strips of the wide side with glue.

Linden Leaves

Easy Origami for Elementary Schoolchildren. Autumn Leaves

You see, they are easy to make. But adults' help is desired.

Cute Autumn Leaves

Easy Origami for Elementary Schoolchildren. Autumn Leaves

To make such wonderful leaves won't take much time. The main here is to draw a nice template on the cardboard, cut it out and use it to outline on colored paper, Then fold the leaf petals in half. And the lovely autumn leaves are ready and can be used in youк appliques or in creating a nice autumn garland for interior decoration.

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