Children and creativity. Origami art for kids - how to make A BUTTERFLY

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Children and creativity is the topic that attracts the attention of parents and educators of preschoolers and schoolchildren, who are responsible for their upbringing. Origami art for kids may be interesting for them. We'll show you how to make a lovely butterfly which can be a pleasant gift on Valentine's Day.
How to make A BUTTERFLY.
You'll need: colorful paper for origami (a square 25 x 25 cm ), scissors, glue, small sheets of blue, light blue, black and white paper.
1. Bend a square sheet of paper in two along the length, breadth and two diagonals.

2. Fold a triangle (dot А connect with dot Б

3. Bend the two side triangles downwards, the lines of bending «iron» with your finger.

4. Turn over the made figure.

5. Bend the lower angle up in such a way that the end of the triangle protruded above the figure.

6. Bend the angles downwards and «iron» with a finger.

7. Bend the butterfly half-and-half.

8. Now bend the figure back along the line. В.

9. Spread the wings into different sides and glue colorful spots, eyes and a trunk onto them.

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Lovely! We like this scheme of making a butterfly and want to show you one more simple technique of creating an origami butterfly. Perhaps, it`ll attract your attention. Here it is:

Origami butterfly
Thanks! Everything is interesting!
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