Art for kids. A Camera - an origami craft out of paper, for children

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Everybody knows that art for kids provides us with a number of delightful ideas. If you need to find something original, turn to it and you won't be disappointed. Do you want to try origami? You are welcome! I've prepared for you an origami craft out of paperA Camera.
The scheme of making an origami Camera (look at the photos):
1. Fold a sheet of paper in two.
2. And once more in two.

3. Unfold the sheet fully and bend the angles to the marked line.
4. Bend the figure in half along the marked line.

5. Make such 4 figures and after that you can assemble the camera.
6. Insert one part into another.

7. Bend the figure along the marked line.
8. Insert one part of the camera into another.

9. The craft is ready! Move the parts of the camera apart — it's ready to work. Move them together — a photo is taken.

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Absolutely Brillient :)
Hi! Origami craft out of paper :) Photo camera!

Origami craft out of paper Photo camera

You know, origami is so catching: if you`ve been engaged in this activity, you can`t stop doing it. We liked the camera shown by you, and here`s ours:

Origami photo camera

Origami photo camera
This is awesome! thank you so much for detailed the instructions <3
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