Art activities for kids. Origami scheme out of paper - DRAGON

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Get more pleasure and make this fascinating thing out of paper — DRAGON. Our simple and understandable origami scheme with full instruction will help you.

1. Let`s start with making the basic form of a kite. Place its narrow part top.
2. Fold the lateral sides of the workpiece to the middle line.
3. Fold its lower lateral sides to the center too.
4. Make complicated folds like «mountain» and «valley». «Valley» should be made out of the workpiece top; «mountain» out of the lower angle and the middle.

Art activities for kids. Origami scheme out of paper - DRAGON

5. Unbend the top angle to your side, folding the workpiece in two according to the marked lines.
6. Turn the workpice. Turn the top angle iside out downwards.
7. Work with the head. Make the fold like a zipper on the edge of the angle. The tongue shoud be below.
8. Bend the side parts of the head following the given lines.
9. Finish making the head bending its top and side angles like «mountain».
10. Fold the dragon`s tail like «zipper».
11. Color the ready dragon.
Make one more dragon. Unbend its «hood» (side parts) aside and you`ll have another dragon.

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It`s cool! Can`t say it`s easy to make, but we`ll try. Thanks for the idea.
I like it! And I admire the skills of those who can create such a beauty! Good luck in your creativity!
The following origami scheme of making a dragon isn't easy, so it's for skilled creators.

origami scheme
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