Riddles for Kids with Answers. Cap

Riddles for kids with answers. Cap
Three scholars argued who was the cleverest of them and addressed an erudite to solve their dispute. The erudite thought it over and said: «I've got 5 caps in my bag: 2 black and 3 white. Now I put on a cap on your heads. The one who'll guess quicker what color cap is on his head is the cleverest.» The erudite put a white cap on each head. After a small pause one of the scholars exclaimed: «I've got a white cap on my head.»
How did he guess?

You'll find the answer in comments.

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The answer.

The cleverest scholar started to think from the opposite: «Let's say I've got a black cap on my head. Then I try to understand, for ex., what scholar 2 thinks. He sees a black cap on my head and supposes he has a black cap on his head, too. With this assumption scholar 2 expects that, on seeing 2 black caps scholar 3 should guess he's got a white cap on. But scholar 3 keeps silent. Then scholar 2 should guess he's got a white cap on, but he's silent too. Thus, I've got a white cap on my head, not a black one.»
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