Funny April Fools' Jokes for Kids

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Dear friends, have a laugh at April Fools' Jokes. We are sure you'll get a lot of fun with these really funny jokes for kids and celebrate the April Fools' holiday perfectly.

Funny April Fools' Jokes for Kids

Funny April Fools' Jokes for Kids

Brush up. Surprise your kids this April Fool's Day with a little toothpaste switcheroo. After breakfast, hand over their toothbrush—but instead of the usual white paste, opt for something white, creamy and…sweet! Cream cheese or vanilla frosting will do the trick; if they use a colored kids' tooth gel, try using cake decorating gel instead.

Chill out. If your kids keep their toothbrush in a cup, this will be unforgettable. The night before, once they're in bed, fill the cup with water and stick in the toothbrush. Then freeze it. Put it in the bathroom right before they head in to brush their teeth. They won't be able to get their brushes out of the cold surprise!

Freeze a bowl of cereal overnight. Place it out for them in the morning and enjoy the show!

Funny April Fools' Jokes for Kids

New Driving Age. What tween or teen younger than sixteen doesn't fantasize about being able to drive? Tell your older kid (twelve to fifteen) that the law has changed («Haven't you been paying attention to this?»). Offer some facts and new rules to make it believable. When your kiddo asks for the keys to the minivan, drop the bomb: «April Fools!»

Make a mess. Tell your child he can have dessert if he cleans up his room and to come and get you when he's done. When he does, stall and have your partner run in and take all the toys out again. When you walk in, act surprised and say, «but this is still a mess!»

Cupcakes for dinner. This one is a classic, and your kids will think you're the coolest mom ever—for a moment at least. Bake up mini meatloaves in muffin cups (don't forget the colorful wrappers!). Then «frost» then with creamy mashed potatoes. See how long it takes for your kids to realize that you really aren't that cool after all.

Food Fun. Before kids get up, switch the inner bags from all your cereal boxes, so everyone pours something different than what they expect. Serve Jell-O instead of juice in your kids’ glasses, and watch them try to drink it. (Vanilla pudding in lieu of milk also works!) Leave the wrapper on the cheese in a ham-and-cheese sandwich. Tuck a fake or gummy worm into the apple slices in their lunch box.

Stuff the children's shoes with toilet paper.

Funny April Fools' Jokes for Kids

Frozen Cereal and Milk. The night before, fill a bowl halfway with cereal and milk. Freeze it overnight and in the morning, add a little more cereal and milk. Watching your child or spouse bang their spoon on the frozen part in confusion will be worth the effort.

Cabinet Surprise. Get some balls, either tennis or rubber, and pile them into a cabinet that is frequently used. You'll need more than just a few to make this worthwhile. After they're loaded inside, close the cabinet tight and wait for your target to open the cabinet door. When he or she does, the balls will come tumbling out, creating quite the surprise! Be sure to work together to refill the cabinet with the balls for the next person.

Dye the Milk. Add a few drops of food coloring to your milk container the night before. If you use plastic containers, pour milk into a pitcher and add coloring to that. What a surprise your kids will have in the morning when they pour or are served colorful milk in a glass or in cereal!

Fake Bugs in Random Places. Give someone a scare by putting fake bugs around the house. Spiders in the bed, worms in the cereal, flies in the shower. They might not laugh, but you will!

Soap that just won't lather

Funny April Fools' Jokes for Kids

Do you have an anal retentive roommate? Does she stare you down whenever you eat without a plate? You know what they say — revenge is a dish best served in the shower! Cover your uptight roommate's soap with a healthy coat of clear nail polish, and she'll be flummoxed as to why she can't lather. Ah, good clean fun.

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The pranks are OK, I'll use some of them. And I want to add one that I liked, her it is: Cover your friends' belongings in rubber bands. April Fool's day prank
Some more April Fools Day tricks I want to add:

The great grape trick.

Grab some aluminum foil and wrap up individual grapes. Then, tell your kids that you have a couple of pieces of chocolate left over for them to unwrap and eat. Truly a silly surprise for them!

Keep those gummy worms handy.

Tell your kids that you are making then a homemade omelet for breakfast, but stick a few gummy worms smack dab in the middle. Talk about a look of shock on their face!

Undrinkable Juice

Fill cups with gelatin and tell the kids that it’s juice. Be sure to place a straw into the cup before you put it in the refrigerator to firm up overnight. In the morning, offer your kids a cup of juice and get ready when they try to take a sip. (Oh- and have a spoon waiting because they will be more excited about the jello than the juice!)

Change the color of their cereal magically.
Have their bowls of cereal waiting for them on the table, milk-free. Under that dry cereal, add a few drops of food coloring and wait for them to pour that milk on top. Once they do, the colors emerge!
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