Lovely and Simple Hairdos for Girls

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I'm sure lots of mothers who have daughters with long hair are eager to learn arranging their daughter's hair stylishly. Here we are going to show you some lovely and simple kids hairstyles for girls.

This charming hairdo is nice for festive occasions. It isn't complicated, so it doesn't need much time to arrange it.

From the front part of the head, on the border of the frontal bone braid 6-7 plaits. On the crown of the head leave two locks of the hair. One of the locks goes past under the plaits on the left side, the second one — on the plaits on the right, the plaits themselves gather on the crown and fasten with an elastic band, hairpins or a hair crab.
On the crown the ends of the plaits are straightened and formed into separate locks with hair gel.

One more hairdo. Gather ponytails, twist them up into the braids, intersect them and gather to the lower ones like lacing. For this hairdo for girls you'll need small elastic bands. Here's a lot of place for imagination — you may begin with a small number of ponytails-braids, arranging them to your taste.

Here instead of the braids we make plaits and intersect them. I think it's also interesting and not difficult.

Divide the hair into parts and to the back of the head gather them into one ponytail step by step. Leave the ponytail loose. You'll have some jolly small ponytails below. It's nice, isn't it?

Divide the locks vertically one after another with many-colored elastic bands, put a ponytail through the next lock and etc. In the end you'll have a small ponytail.

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