Kids Hairstyles for Girls for Long Hair. How to Do Hair "Mesh"

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I'd like to show you an original element of kids hairstyles for girls for Long Hair — the «Mesh» of thin strands of hair. The «mesh» may be a part of a hairstyle, when it's plaited only on the head, and the loose hair is collected in ponytails and left loose. The «mesh» can be plaited on the entire length of hair, then it's a full hairstyle.

How to Do Hair «Mesh»

Kids Hairstyles for Girls for Long Hair. How to Do Hair Mesh

You'll Need:

— small scrunchies,
— comb.

What You Do:

With a comb tip set apart the first layer of the hair and take away the rest hair so that it can't hinder.

Divide the first hair layer into squares and make small ponytails from each square.

Set apart the second layer of the hair and divide it into squares too. The squares of the second row shouldn't be right under the squares of the first row. The square of the second row should be under the parting of the hair of the previous row, i.e. the view from above should remind brickwork.

Like in the first row, make a ponytail from each square and wherein take half of the ponytail from the previous row.

Further make the ponytails of the rest hair in the same sequence. However, if the hair is thick, together with a larger quantity of rows, the thickness of the ponytails will increase. So it's better to make 3 or 4 rows.

To make the «mesh» on the whole length of the hair, you needn't divide the hair into rows, but to weave a «mesh» from the formed ponytails.

Great family holidays is just the place where you can show your friends the original hairstyle «Mesh».

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