Hairdo for a Girl, for Long Hair - Goldlocks, Masterclass

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Hairstyles for girls. There are a lot of hairdos for girls and each time you style your daughter's hair, you are eager to find something new and lovely. Will you try to turn your daughter into Goldlocks? It's quite easy and simple. You'll need a sprayer with water, hair gel, elastic bands for hair.

First splash water on the hair so as to braid plaits easily.

Then divide the hair into 5 parts. From below tie a ponytail, on the next part braid a French plait, then tie a ponytail, a plait again and on the crown of the head — a ponytail.

Now spread gel on the ponytails and twist the braids. You should make three braids in a ponytail.
If you don't know how to make braids, look through the masterclass.
You can style your daughter's hair so wonderfully, if it's long. For decoration you may take a nice flower.

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