Hairdo for a girl for festive occasions - masterclass

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Hairdos for girls for festive occasions are certainly special and fascinating. We want to present to you a masterclass on one of such hairdos, it's shown step by step. We hope you'll like it.
You'll need:
— a comb, elastic bands decorated with flowers, curling irons and hairpins.
Hair length:
It doesn't mean much. The hair may come to the shoulders, to shoulder-blades or to the waist.

1. Separate the bang from the rest hair. Divide the hair growing just behind the bang into 5 equal parts as shown in the picture with a blue dotted line. Gather separated hair into 5 equal ponytails in the order shown in the picture. The ponytails should be thin and contain hair from bang to crown.

2. Divide all the 5 parts in two and gather from the halves the new small ponytails, taking the hair behind the ponytails as well. The ponytails should be in the chess order. For example, the left half of ponytail 1 and the right half of ponytail 3 form a new ponytail as shown in the photo with a blue dotted line. Colorful dotted lines of the ponytails of the first row are combined in the ponytails of the second row.

3. Pay attention to the yellow dotted lines in the photo. One of the yellow lines form a separate ponytail on one side (on both sides). Curl these side ponytails with curling irons. Then gather 2 or 3 ponytails together, making a knot. Fasten the knots with hairpins as shown in the picture leaving the ends loose.

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Very stylish and different hairstyle, I would loved to try this with my daughter. But I am a bit confuse with the third step, still I will give atry to it.
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